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Car Insurance Quotes for a Buick LeSabre

Are You Getting the Cheapest Car Insurance Available for a Buick LeSabre?

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How Much Is Car Insurance for a Buick LeSabre?

The average annual premium for a Buick LeSabre policy is $1,440 for full and $816 for minimum coverage. That is lower than the national average for full coverage at $2,014 and higher than the national average for minimum liability at $622.

All Buick LeSabre drivers must have an active auto insurance policy to satisfy all legal requirements for driving.

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Comparing Insurance Costs for a Buick LeSabre to Other Vehicles

There are many factors providers use to determine the cost of premiums for a Buick LeSabre driver, including but not limited to the number of safety features, driving record, age, gender, recall history, theft rate, demographic distribution, and hundreds of other variables underwriters use to determine the risk profile for every policyholder.

Make/Model Annual Full Coverage Insurance
Buick LeSabre $1,440
Chrysler 300 $1,720
Toyota Avalon $1,600
Dodge Charger $2,077
Nissan Maxima $1,700

Types of Car Insurance Coverage for a Buick LeSabre

Buick LeSabre drivers can consider many choices and add-ons, but two common policy options are liability-only and full coverage.

Liability-only and full coverage insurance both cover state-required minimums for damages and injuries.

Full Coverage

Full coverage policies typically consist of liability, collision, and comprehensive.

It provides much more protection than a liability-only policy, thanks to the addition of collision and comprehensive, providing enhanced protection for you, your vehicle, and your passengers. Under this policy, an insurer agrees to pay for damages (up to specified limits) due to crash and non-crash-related events such as theft, natural disasters, and rollover collisions.

Your financing company may require collision and comprehensive coverage to preserve their vehicle’s value. Once you’ve paid the loan off, you can continue to carry coverage or drop it and choose a liability-only policy.

State Minimum Liability

To drive legally in your state, you must carry at least minimum liability insurance coverage, which protects third parties in the event of an accident.

Usually, minimum liability is expressed as three numbers representing bodily injury and property damage, e.g., 15/30/5. For example, Pennsylvania drivers must carry $15,000 in bodily injury per person, $30,000 in injury per accident, and $5,000 in property damage.

Unfortunately, Pennsylvania’s low property damage minimum would barely cover the cost of minor damages if you hydroplane into someone’s new car on a wet day. Therefore, higher coverage limits are recommended. Acquiring additional coverage will offer greater peace of mind, as you’ll have to pay less out of pocket in the event of an accident you cause.

Individual Factors That Influence Pricing for the LeSabre

Three considerations providers use to determine the cost of your premiums include your coverage selections/deductibles, vehicle characteristics, and driving record.

Coverage Selections

Expect higher premiums if your policy features lower deductibles and higher limits. Conversely, anticipate lower costs with higher deductibles and lower limits. When selecting the right policy, carefully balance appropriate coverage with your budget.

Vehicle Characteristics

Insurers evaluate numerous attributes for each vehicle make and model to assess its insurance risk. Premiums tend to be higher for sporty, high-performance, or expensive vehicles, such as the Tesla Model X and the Audi A5. Enhanced safety features like airbags, electronic stability control, and anti-lock brakes can reduce accident risk and, consequently, lower premiums.

Driving Record

Maintaining a clean driving record, free of claims, at-fault accidents, or traffic violations for the past three to five years, is likely to qualify you for a good driver discount. This can result in savings of up to 10% off your monthly premium, depending on the provider.

1973 Buick LeSabre Custom classic car

How Does a DUI Affect Insurance Rates?

One of the worst things drivers can experience is being convicted of a DUI.

One of the initial consequences you’ll face is a premium increase. The exact percentage increase will depend on several factors, including your driving history, your provider’s DUI policies, and state regulations. Additionally, anticipate being reclassified as a high-risk driver, which may result in your policy not being renewed or canceled outright, forcing you to seek coverage from another provider.

Lastly, your insurance company may need to file an SR-22 on your behalf, serving as proof of financial responsibility to let the state know that you carry the required minimum insurance coverage.

What Are Some Car Insurance Discounts for a Buick Sedan?

Consider a good driver and multi-policy discounts to save on auto insurance or discount programs.

Also referred to as” bundling,” multi-policy discounts reward policyholders for purchasing more than one policy under the same provider, helping to cut down on administrative costs and, more importantly, showing loyalty. In turn, good driver discounts reward drivers for maintaining a clean driving record, with discounts awarded as early as three years and as late as five years of no claims, at-fault accidents, or moving violations.

Save a bit more off of your following policy by exploring the following discounts:

  • Safety Features. Purchasing a vehicle that comes with newer safety features, such as anti-lock brakes and anti-theft devices can result in savings.
  • Usage-Based. This discount rewards you for using a Bluetooth or GPS device to track your driving behaviors, including top speeds and time of day driven. This status is passed on to insurance providers, who can lower your premium proportionately to how safely you drive.
  • Pay-in-Full. If you pay your entire annual or semi-annual policy in full well before the renewal date, you may receive this discount as a thank you.
  • Low Mileage. If you drive less than 7,500 miles a year, you could see a substantial discount with the reduced likelihood of accidents.
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What Are Some of the Characteristics of the Buick LeSabre?

It is a full-size sedan, discontinued in 2005. It comes in two trims: Base and Limited.

Standard features on the Buick LeSabre include a CD player, 6-speaker sound system, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes, power windows, power locks, cruise control, remote keyless entry, and full airbags.

Main competitors are the Dodge Charger, Nissan Maxima, Toyota Avalon, and the Chrysler 300.

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