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Affordable Dental Insurance

Budget-friendly plans for individuals and families

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Find Low-Cost Dental Coverage Today

Freeway Insurance has partnered with Aflac Dental to offer dental plans at affordable rates for individuals and families in almost every state.

Our dental plans provide a caring network of dental professionals who will take care of your dental needs. Our experienced, bilingual agents can help you select the best coverage options for your overall health to include your dental or health insurance needs.

Freeway Insurance offers convenient ways to shop for full dental coverage. You can get an affordable, quick, no-obligation quote by calling us at 800-777-5620. We offer both dental and health plans.

Dental Benefits and Eligibility Requirements

At Freeway Insurance, we want to help you and your family live your healthiest life possible. Finding affordable dental care can go a long way toward improving your overall oral health. With our dental coverage:

  • There’s no waiting period for preventative care – you can sign up and get started immediately
  • There’s no age limit – it’s available up to age 99
  • There’s no application fee

Happy man in the dental chair.
Participants can choose between three plan options and the value and benefit of the plan increases every year. For example, each year participants in the Aflac dental program, their deductibles and out-of-pocket costs decrease.

Aflac Dental Insurance is a Passive PPO Plan

Dental insurance is like health insurance (but much cheaper). It allows participants to have regular – and emergency – dental care for much less money than paying out of pocket. Patients will get to see a regular dentist, not the changing staff at an emergency room.

Unlike most health insurance plans, Aflac dental is a passive PPO. This means policyholders pay the same deductible, coinsurance and annual plan maximums, regardless of whether they choose an in-network or out-of-network dental provider. Policyholders are encouraged to use in-network providers since other providers may charge more for services, increasing out-of-pocket costs for patients.  

How Much Does it Cost?

Rates vary from state to state, but, on average, policyholders can expect to pay around $50 per month for the Core Plan. With this plan, participants will receive:

  • An annual maximum benefit of $1,000 in year one, $1,250 in year two and $1,500 in year three
  • An annual deductible of $75 in year one, $50 in year two and $25 in year three
  • A 100% coverage for preventive dental care from day one
  • A 50% coverage for basic dental services after the waiting period (6 months) and 60% coverage for years two and three
  • Major dental care coverage of 50% in years two and three (not covered in year one)

Out-of-Pocket Costs

An example of out-of-pocket cost for a cavity filling under the Elite plan is as follows:

Year 1 Deductible Coinsurance Out-of-pocket cost
In Network Provider ($150) $75 40% $105
Out of network provider ($200) $75 40% $125
Year 2 Deductible Coinsurance Out-of-pocket cost
In Network Provider ($150) $50 30% $80
Out of network provider ($200) $50 30% $95
Year 3 Deductible Coinsurance Out-of-pocket cost
In Network Provider ($150) $25 20% $50
Out of network provider ($200) $25 20% $50

Charges may be higher for out-of-network providers if they charge more for their services. 

What is Covered with Dental Coverage?

With Aflac Dental, most all regular network dentists and services are covered, including both basic and major care:

Icon of tooth with heart behind

Preventative Care (routine exams, cleaning, sealants)

Icon of teeth X-rays

Diagnostic Care (X-rays)

Icon of tooth being examined with magnifying glass

Basic Care (Extractions, fillings, emergency palliative care)

Icon of sectioned tooth

Major Services (Endodontics, oral surgery, surgical extractions, dentures and maintenance, inlays, onlays and crowns, bridges)

Choose the Dental Plan That Fits Your Family

There are three dental coverage plans* to choose from: Basic Plan, Core Plan and Elite Plan. You can choose from 3 levels of care per plan, including Independence 1000, Independence Ultra 1500 and Independence 1500, so you can get the one best suited to you and your family. Here’s a quick look at some of the plans, product and services highlights.

Basic Plan Core Plan Elite Plan
Deductible decreases through third policy year Deductible decreases through third policy year Deductible decreases through third policy year
Annual maximum increases through third policy year Annual maximum increases through third policy year Annual maximum increases through third policy year
Preventative can be scheduled every 5 months rather than 6 like most plans Preventative can be scheduled every 5 months rather than 6 like most plans Preventative can be scheduled every 5 months rather than 6 like most plans
Amount customer pays for Basic Services decreases after year 1 Amount customer pays for Basic and Major Services decreases through third policy year
Only 9 month waiting period for Major Services

Why Should I Get Regular Dental Care?

People who receive regular dental care realize many benefits, including being healthier overall. You may not realize it, but the health of your mouth has a large impact on how your heart and other important bodily systems function. A medical link has been established between poor dental health and many medical issues such as diabetes, heart disease, strokes, lung conditions and more. This is because bacteria from an infected mouth can travel to other spots – causing serious problems.

Smiling woman at the dentist's consulting room

On the other hand, having dental insurance means you and your family can establish a routine of good oral healthcare with a well-known dental team. While it’s important for everyone to maintain good dental habits, it’s especially helpful for children to learn early that brushing, flossing and regular dental checkups are part of everyday health.

With our dental plan, you really don’t have any excuses not to go the dentist anymore!

Add Vision and Hearing Benefits

With the Aflac Core and Elite dental plans, participants may choose to add vision and hearing plans. These plans include annual vision exams with a $10 copay and a $75 reimbursement for an annual hearing exam with no waiting period. Depending on whether you choose the Core or Elite plan, you can receive an annual allowance for frames and contact lenses, as well as hearing aids and repair with a waiting period. 

What are the Costs for Dental/Vision/Hearing Plans?

This is an example of monthly average rates for individual coverage in Texas.

Basic Core Elite
18-39 Dental $21.21 $28.70 $34.20
Dental + Vision/Hearing NA $38.05 $45.18
40-59 Dental $23.94 $35.71 $43.85
Dental + Vision/Hearing NA $45.90 $55.68
60-99 Dental $25.69 $39.64 $49.33
Dental + Vision/Hearing NA $50.74 $62.11

Find Cheap Dental Insurance Today!

Aflac Dental makes it simple to sign up for dental care for you and your family. Simply contact Freeway Insurance today for a free quote by calling 800-776-5620. Our friendly, bilingual agents are standing by to help you find affordable dental care.

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