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Vehicle Registration Renewal Online in California

Avoid the DMV Lines

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Fast and Easy California Online Car Registration Renewal

In order to drive legally in California, you must have car insurance and up-to-date vehicle registration. But everyone knows what a hassle it is to go to the DMV in person and wait in long lines. The good news is if you need to renew your California vehicle registration, Freeway Insurance offers a simple solution through our partner to help you avoid that hassle and renew your registration online. It’s easy!

How Does Online Auto Registration Renewal Work?

Online vehicle registration renewal with is fast, easy and considered the most trustworthy way to register your vehicle in California. is licensed by the California DMV.

In a nutshell, it’s the same service you would get by taking a day off work and spending hours waiting for your number to be called at your local DMV office. The big difference for you is no wait, no hassle and a simple solution from Freeway and to make your life a little better.

Plus, you have the option of several online solutions, including replacing a lost sticker or registration card, transferring a vehicle title and replacing a lost title.

Once you go through the simple process of registering your California vehicle online, your new sticker will be shipped to you within one business day.


Freeway Insurance is proud to partner with to offer renewal vehicle registration

Am I Eligible for Online Vehicle Registration Renewal?

To renew your California vehicle registration online, you’ll need a few documents and some information. This includes:

A valid credit card, or debit card.

Your license plate number or the full vehicle identification number (VIN) and vehicle make.

Car insurance, motorcycle insurance or watercraft insurance unless you’re registering a trailer or another vehicle that doesn’t require insurance.

Electronic smog certification for your vehicle on file at the California DMV unless you meet the criteria for an exception.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at (916) 236-3169 to talk to an expert for answers your questions about Vehicle Registration Renewals in California.

Penalties for Failing to Renew Your California Registration

California requires an annual vehicle registration renewal. If you receive a citation for failing to renew, you may have to pay a late registration fee, a percentage of the vehicle license fee, and a California Highway Patrol fee. The fees get higher the longer you wait to renew and max out when the registration is two years late or more. You can avoid these penalties by renewing online today. If you’re already late, you should also renew today, so the fees don’t increase.

Don’t wait! can help you get your vehicle registration renewed online in a few simple steps.

What Other Vehicle Registration Services are Available?

We are making it as easy as possible for you to avoid a fine and get into compliance with California law. We can also help you make several other processes easier, including replacing a lost registration sticker and transferring a California vehicle title.

  • Replace a Lost Vehicle Registration Card or Sticker

    Don’t worry if you misplaced your vehicle registration card or sticker. We can help you quickly replace it so you don’t face driving without it and getting a citation. We can send you a copy over email and a physical replacement card or sticker by next-day mail. Click here to start the process.
  • Transfer a California Vehicle Title

    Don’t let selling or buying a previously owned vehicle turn into a hassle. We can walk you through the sometimes-confusing process of transferring a title in California, plus answer your questions. At, there are professional, bilingual agents ready to help!

Get Started with Online California Vehicle Registration Renewal

California requires its drivers to renew their vehicle registration every year. This includes motorcycles and boats, and some trailers. Our partner is the most trusted site to help you renew your California vehicle registration online. Give them a call today at (916) 236-3169 and let them help you navigate through the process of renewing your vehicle registration online in California.

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When Does Registration Have to Be Renewed?

When Does Registration Have to Be Renewed?

Your vehicle registration renewal takes place every year based on the date on your registration card. Don’t go by the date on your license plates since that will show you only the month and year, not the actual date. Your best bet is to renew early so you don’t end up missing the date and paying extra fees.

What if My Vehicle Sticker Gets Lost or Stolen? will send you a copy over email for your immediate use, and mail you a replacement by next-day mail.

What Insurance Do I Need to Register Online?

You need to have at least the basic auto insurance California requires. The company you choose must be able to provide an electronic copy of your insurance information.

What Happens if I Have a Parking Violation?

All outstanding parking tickets must be paid or settled before you can renew your registration online.