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Cheap Car Insurance in Farmington, New Mexico

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Located in northwestern New Mexico, Farmington is an outdoor oasis full of stunning landscapes and exploration opportunities. Some of our favorite things to do in Farmington include visiting the ancient ruins of Salmon, B-Square Ranch, Artifacts Gallery, the Farmington Museum, and Chokecherry Canyon with its options for horseback riding and four-wheeling galore.

All Farmington drivers must carry auto insurance. Keep reading to learn more about auto insurance in New Mexico, including penalties for driving without insurance in the state, how to take advantage of discounts, and average monthly premiums paid by age, zip code, and nearby cities in the region.

Quick Facts

  • Farmington is the largest city in San Juan County.
  • The Navajo Nation has a heavy presence in Farmington, as well as the Ute Mountain Indian Reservation, and the Southern Ute Indian reservation.
  • In the 1950s, Farmington was well known for a mass UFO sighting.
  • Farmington has a total area of 32 square miles.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Farmington, New Mexico?

In Farmington, drivers pay an average monthly rate of $121 for full coverage car insurance. This average monthly rate is a little higher than the state’s average of $118 and quite a bit lower than the national average of $140.

The state-required minimum liability car insurance in Farmington is $37 on average per month. This is higher than the state average of $32, but lower than the national average of $47.

New Mexico has one of the highest rates of uninsured drivers at 26%. Even though it is not required, drivers would be well advised to purchase uninsured motorist coverage (UIM). The protection is well worth the cheap price UIM will add to your monthly insurance bill.

Liability car insurance is the cheapest car insurance in New Mexico, but it will only provide bodily injury liability insurance and property damage liability insurance to the other parties involved in an accident you cause. If someone else causes an accident, their insurance (if they have any) will help you pay for your injuries and damages.

Checking into full coverage protection is a good idea, since it protects you for damage to your vehicle no matter who is at fault with collision car insurance and for other damages to your vehicle, such as fire, with comprehensive auto insurance.

There may be a disparity between average prices for car insurance from town to town in New Mexico. This is because insurers look at overall accident records, claim numbers and crime stats when making a decision on rates. Here are some rates for cities in New Mexico as comparison.

City Full Coverage Insurance Liability Insurance Coverage
Farmington $121 $37
Albuquerque $159 $52
Las Cruces $123 $41
Roswell $137 $40

Affordable Car Insurance Rates by Zip Code in Farmington

Generally, the more accidents and claims a zip code has, the more you should expect to pay with auto insurance rates.

Check out our list below for average car insurance prices by zip code in Farmington.

Zip Code Full Coverage Insurance Liability Insurance Coverage
87401 $121 $37
87402 $123 $38
87499 $123 $38

Low-Cost Car Insurance Rates by Age in Farmington

Younger drivers typically have riskier driving profiles than other age groups due to a short driving record and more tickets and accidents collectively. So expect your rates to drop once you hit your 30s, 40s, and 50s, assuming a clean driving record with no history of claims or traffic violations.

Check out our list below for average car insurance prices by age in Farmington.

Age Full Coverage Insurance Liability Insurance Coverage
Teenagers $455 $149
20s $171 $52
30s $121 $37
40s $116 $36
50s $109 $34
60s $113 $36
70s $137 $47

Unless otherwise specified, we use the following methodology to arrive at our average cost: male, age 30, lowest possible legal coverage allowed by New Mexico. Your rates will be determined by several factors, including your age, your gender and the amount of coverage you want to purchase.

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Driving Conditions in Farmington, New Mexico

How Many Fatal Accidents Happen in Farmington?

In 2019, Farmington saw seven fatal road traffic accidents involving 11 vehicles and 17 people, including two pedestrians.

How Are the Road Infrastructure and Bridges in Farmington?

The city of Farmington’s Community Works Traffic Engineering Division is responsible for maintaining all streets in the region, working on upgrading pavement markets, traffic signals, and other issues affecting traffic flow and roadway maintenance. In addition, they work alongside the Planning Division of the Community Works Department for city planning activities.

For more information on Farmington’s Community Works programs, visit City of Farmington – Community Works.

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in Farmington, NM

Here are New Mexico’s state minimum requirements for liability car insurance:

We highly recommend a full policy, including comprehensive car insurance and collision auto insurance. Expect greater protections with this type of coverage, such as vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-object, and rollover collisions. Even theft and weather-related incidents are included as well. You should also note that New Mexico’s minimum for property coverage ($10,000) is one of the lowest limits in the nation, so it doesn’t hurt to level up.

What Are the Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Farmington, NM?

All Farmington drivers are required to have car insurance.

If you are caught driving without insurance in New Mexico, expect a fine of $300 and a possible jail term of up to 90 days for a first-time offense. You will also see your driver’s license and registration suspended until you provide proof of insurance.

Factors Allowed in Farmington Car Insurance Rates

There are many factors insurance companies look at to determine how high or how low your rates are.

In Farmington, some of these factors include but are not limited to:

  • Driving record
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Zip code
  • Marital status
  • Type of vehicle
  • Credit rating

Do not forget that insurance companies look at your coverage limits and deductible amount. Higher liability limits and a lower deductible will result in higher rates due to the increased risk and higher costs posed to the insurer. Be sure to speak with your insurance agent to understand which policy works best for you.

Discounts for Car Insurance in Farmington, New Mexico

Farmington drivers with clean driving records for the past three to five years can take advantage of all kinds of car insurance discounts.

These discounts include but are not limited to:

We are big fans of discounts that apply based on the number of miles you drive and the vehicle you drive. Older make and model vehicles see cheaper parts and labor costs, so they are cheaper to insure. If you drive less than 7500 miles a year, expect your premiums to be lower since you’re less likely to get involved in an accident in the eyes of the insurer.


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