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Frequently Asked Questions

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Snowmobile Insurance FAQ

Does My Home Insurance Cover my Snowmobile?

It depends on your policy. Many home insurance policies do not cover snowmobiles. Keep in mind that even if your home insurance policy does cover it, that would only be in effect on your property. If something happens off your property, you would not be covered.

Does My Car Insurance Cover My Snowmobile?

If you get into a covered accident while towing your snowmobile, you may be covered for it. However, in most cases, only a policy targeted to your “sled” will cover it while you are riding it.

If I Lend My Snowmobile to a Friend, Are They Covered?

It depends on what kind of insurance you have. If you’ve given permission to someone to use it, your liability should help pay for any property damage your friend causes. If you have medical coverage, your friend’s injuries may be covered.

What if Someone Steals My Snowmobile?

If you have comprehensive coverage, you should be able to file a successful claim. However, if you only have liability, you’ll most likely have to pay for your loss out of pocket.

Are Passengers Covered?

In most cases, you need a specific type of plan if you wish to protect your passengers. Specifically, medical payments coverage provides additional help with paying for any medical bills they may incur after an accident. As always, we recommend speaking with a professional and learning what is and is not covered before making your purchase.

I Only Ride My Snowmobile in the Winter. Do I Have to Pay for Coverage All Year?

No. Most insurers will allow you to put a hold on your policy until winter comes around. Just be aware that if something happens, such as the garage where your equipment is stored burns down, you won’t be covered for a replacement.