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Frequently Asked Questions

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ATV Insurance FAQ

How Much Insurance Should I Have?

Exactly how much coverage you should have depends on where and how often you drive. For example, basic bodily injury liability might include $60,000 per accident, and basic property damage liability might include $25,000 per accident. But if you drive more often and in riskier areas, you may need more coverage. And if you live in a high-crime area, it may be worth investing in comprehensive instead of settling for the cheapest plan you can find. Comprehensive will help you replace your equipment if it gets stolen.

Does My Home Insurance Cover My ATV?

Only when it is on your property. Once you take it somewhere else, you’ll need a separate insurance policy.

Does My Motorcycle Insurance Cover My ATV?

In many cases, your ATV can be added to your motorcycle policy. Check with your insurer.

What if I Start an ATV Rental Company?

Besides the normal commercial insurance you may want to consider, a rental company should protect itself from lawsuits by carrying insurance on the equipment they rent out. Because off-roading is risky, some carriers will not offer protection. However, you can shop around and find the package that best suits your needs and offers the coverage you want.

Do I Need Insurance if I Rent an ATV?

You may be covered under your auto policy, but you’ll want to make sure. Most rental companies will offer insurance and it would be wise to take it, since off-roading is inherently risky.

What Do I Do if Someone Steals My ATV and Gets Into a Wreck?

If someone took it without your permission, you are most likely not liable for anything they did while they had your property. However, you should always file a police report to have a record.