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Frequently Asked Questions

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Motorcycle Insurance FAQ

What is motorcycle insurance?

Motorcycle insurance provides financial protection to the owner in the event of an accident, a theft, loss, or damage of their motorcycle. It also provides liability coverage if the insured is responsible for another person’s injuries or damage is done to other property.

What does motorcycle insurance cover?

While motorcycle insurance is customizable, the standard policy usually covers a portion of the cost to repair or replace your motorcycle if it was damaged as a result of an accident. It will also provide payouts to help offset costs if another person is injured or their property is damaged as a result of an accident and the insured was at fault. It can also cover legal fees and liability claims if the insured is taken to court over a motorcycle accident.

Some other coverage offered for motorcycle insurance plans include:

– Full replacement cost of the motorcycle if it is totaled in an accident.

– Medical coverage if you require medical care or hospitalization as a result of an accident.

– Comprehensive coverage to pay for damages done other than via collision such as weather damage and motorcycle theft.

– Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage.

– Loss or damage to motorcycle gear and apparel such as helmets, sidecars, etc.

How much motorcycle insurance do I need?

It varies from person to person. If you ride your motorcycle often, you’ll probably want more coverage than if you just take it out for the occasional joy ride. It also depends on how much your motorcycle and its amenities are worth.

How much does motorcycle insurance cost?

A number of factors determine the cost of motorcycle insurance. Your age and driving history can affect your costs. Your rates also depend on the type of bike you own and how you plan to use it. Faster bikes used for racing tend to be more costly to insure and bikes used sparingly usually have lower premium costs. A person with a clean driving record and a small motorcycle used for commuting might only pay a few hundred dollars per year for insurance. Teen motorcyclists with high-speed bikes could be pay thousands in premiums. You’ll have to speak with an insurance agent or get a free quote online to determine your overall cost.

Is motorcycle insurance required by law?

Every state in the U.S. requires a certain amount of liability coverage for motorcycles, but that amount varies from state to state. There are other states that may require other coverage, such as property damage coverage. Check your state laws for specific details on the required minimums for motorcycle insurance to ensure that you are riding legally.

Does motorcycle insurance cover theft?

It depends on the policy you purchase. Most comprehensive motorcycle insurance plans cover theft, but you will to make sure that is the case. You may want to ensure that your plan can cover the theft of other items that can be stolen from your bike such as helmets, radios, etc.

Will motorcycle insurance pay for damages done to custom parts?

If you made some upgrades to your bike or had a custom paint job done, you’ll want to look at a comprehensive motorcycle insurance plan and get specialized coverage. It will cost more than a standard comprehensive plan, but you’ll have your customization covered.

Will motorcycle insurance cover my racing bike?

Not all insurance companies will cover a bike that is made to ride on a race track. They usually only cover street-legal vehicles and incidents that happen while on the road. It’s best to discuss your situation with an insurance agent to find a plan that can cover your bike both on and off the track.

Does motorcycle insurance cover other riders?

This depends on the policy you purchase and the insurance provider. If you purchase the minimum liability amount of coverage, other riders may not be covered under your plan. Coverage may also depend on whether the other rider was a passenger as you operated the motorcycle or if the rider operated it on his/her own. The best way to get a definitive answer is by talking with an insurance agent and making sure that other riders are included in your coverage.

Can I save money by canceling my motorcycle insurance when my bike is stored during the winter season?

It’s recommended that you keep coverage all year in case of theft or other potential hazards even when you aren’t regularly using your motorcycle. There are some insurance companies that take into account that you’ll spend less time riding during colder seasons and will adjust their rates accordingly.

Are there any discounts for motorcycle insurance?

It varies from state to state and insurance provider to insurance provider, but there are some possible discounts for motorcycle insurance that you can use to your advantage. Some states and insurance providers can provide discounts if you pass a state-sponsored safety course, a “good driver” discount for people with clean records, or adding certain safety features to your motorcycle. Ask an insurance agent and look into your state laws to see which discounts you could qualify for.

Where can I buy motorcycle insurance?

You can get a great motorcycle insurance plan from Freeway Insurance. Freeway can offer you affordable rates from the top insurance carriers in the nation. Give us a call or get a free motorcycle insurance quote online to get started and get protected.