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Frequently Asked Questions

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Rideshare Insurance FAQ

Is Getting a Separate Rideshare Policy Really Necessary?

If you are a rideshare driver, then it is critically important for you to get a separate insurance policy. That is because what you do as a driver on the job will not be covered by your personal automobile insurance. As soon as you are on the clock and working, such insurance protections do not apply, and you’ll need separate coverage.

What If I Have Coverage Through My Employer?

You should have liability coverage through your employer, but it may not protect you as you drive around waiting for customers. And if you get into an accident with a customer in the car, employer coverage may not be enough to cover your liability. Rideshare provides additional protection when what is provided by your employer is not enough.

What Happens If I Don’t Tell My Insurance Carrier I Am a Rideshare Driver?

Being a rideshare driver means you are putting yourself and your car in more danger than you would otherwise. Due to the increased liability risk, your carrier could decide to cancel your plan. And even if they don’t immediately cancel it, you may find them unwilling to renew your policy when the time comes.

Do All Carriers Offer This Coverage?

Not all carriers offer this type of coverage. If your existing carrier does not provide it, then this is the perfect time for you to shop for one that offers all the protection you need.

Is Rideshare Insurance Expensive?

The exact cost of your policy may vary, but these policies are typically cheaper than commercial insurance but more expensive than auto coverage. Keep in mind, though, that such policies are designed to protect you from taking a fall for an expensive accident while on the job. This separate policy is ultimately a small price to pay to keep you out of crushing debt and provide you peace of mind while you work.

Do Contract Delivery Drivers Need Rideshare Insurance?

If you are a contract delivery driver for companies such as GrubHub and Ubereats, it’s worth getting a separate policy. That is because your existing automobile insurance policy may not offer as much protection as you need. For example, you may not be covered when driving around waiting for the next customer or when waiting for food. Separate coverage offers you additional protection.

When Is the Best Time to Get Rideshare Coverage?

If you are already a rideshare driver, it’s important to get coverage as soon as possible. The longer you drive relying only on liability coverage from your employer, the longer you risk getting into a major accident and getting stuck with a large bill. If you are considering becoming such a driver, it’s never too early to begin shopping for the best coverage so you can be protected as soon as you start working.