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What Is the 2022 Average Cost of Car Insurance in Texas?

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The 2022 average cost of state-required minimum liability in Texas is $524 per year and the average cost of full coverage car insurance in Texas is $1,823 per year. 

Determining the average cost of car insurance in Texas can be difficult because many variables cause rates for car insurance in Texas to rise or fall.  

What does that really mean? First, we’ll take a look at the definitions of “minimum coverage” and “full coverage.” Then, we’ll explain some of the factors that contribute to how much you’ll actually pay for your coverage in Texas and beyond — and how you can make those premiums much more affordable. 

What Do “Minimum Coverage” and “Full Coverage” Mean for Texas Drivers? 

Like most US states, Texas mandates that all drivers must have auto insurance coverage. However, to keep the cost as affordable as possible, Texas and most other states allow drivers to obtain a minimal level of coverage, which costs less than full coverage. 

Minimal coverage is liability car insurance. That means it covers the property damage and bodily injury costs of others — not you — in the event of an accident for which you’re at fault. 

You’re legally allowed to drive with this form of coverage, and these are the most affordable plans, but there’s a downside. Your car might sustain thousands of dollars in damage or even be totaled, and your liability insurance won’t pay a penny. That’s how it’s so affordable — it only financially protects others involved in your accident. 

And if your liability insurance isn’t enough to cover the damages of those other people and their property, that’s also coming out of your pocket. You can always increase the amount of liability insurance you want to have in order to have peace of mind on the road. 

And while full coverage costs more, it also pays for the damage to your own vehicle, up to your coverage limits. 

What Does Full Coverage Auto Insurance Cover in Texas? 

In addition to liability, a full coverage auto insurance policy will include the following: 

Collision Coverage 

Collision car insurance pays for covered damage in collisions with other vehicles or for single-vehicle incidents such as a rollover. Your collision coverage will also cover damages caused by inanimate objects, such as if you hit a tree or building. 

Comprehensive Coverage 

Not all car damage is inflicted by road accidents. Non-collision damage can include fire, flood, wind damage, theft, and vandalism, among other causes. These incidents are typically covered under a comprehensive auto insurance plan. 

In addition, your full coverage policy may include financial protection against accidents with uninsured or underinsured motorists, as well as roadside assistance coverage. 

Six Factors that Influence the Average Cost of Insurance in Texas 

Some of the factors influencing insurance costs are under your control, while others aren’t. 

1. Age and Sex 

Insurance underwriters have found that young males tend to drive more recklessly, get ticketed more, and have more car accidents than other drivers. That’s why as a group they are considered higher risk drivers and so will pay for high-risk car insurance. That’s unfair if you’re a cautious male teenager or young adult, but the good news is that you’ll eventually “age out” of higher premiums as long as you drive responsibly. 

2. Driving Record 

Motorists with poor driving records — multiple moving violations and accidents — pay a lot more for coverage. The positive side of this is that, unlike age and sex, you have a lot of control over this factor. Drive safely and responsibly, and you’ll be rewarded with lower rates. 

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3. Deductible 

Your deductible is the amount of money you agree to pay before your policy kicks in. Common deductibles are for $250 or $500. With a $500 deductible, and $2,000 covered damage to your vehicle, you’ll pay the first $500, and your insurer will then pay $1,500. The higher your deductible, the lower your car insurance premiums. Deductibles can even go up as high as $1,000 or $2,000. Just make sure you don’t make your deductible so high that you can’t afford to cover your own costs in an accident. 

4. Car Make and Model 

Some cars get involved in more accidents than others. Some are stolen more frequently than others. And some models cost more to repair than others. These are some of the factors that can make a big difference in how much you pay for coverage based on what you drive. That’s why it makes sense to always contact your insurance agent to find out what it will cost to insure a vehicle you’re considering buying. 

5. Location 

If you live in a zip code with more accidents, personal injury lawsuits, crime, or car thefts, you could pay more for your coverage. 

6. School Grades 

Since young drivers (especially males) pay the most for their car insurance, this could be an important factor for your teen or young adult drivers. Good school grades can earn lower rates. Ask your insurance agent for details. 

Find Affordable Auto Insurance Online in Texas 

The above and other factors can make a big difference in your average cost of insurance in Texas. That’s why you need to start your search for coverage by contacting Freeway Insurance. Your independent insurance agent can help you find the most affordable coverage at the lowest possible rates. 

Call us at (800) 777-5620. You can also get a fast and free online quote for car insurance or find an office near you for an in-person consultation. 

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