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Car Insurance Quotes for a Ford Focus

Are You Getting the Cheapest Car Insurance Available for Your Focus?

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How Much Is Auto Insurance for a Ford Sedan?

The average annual premium is $456 for minimum coverage and $1,633 for full coverage. Minimum consists of liability, while full consists of liability plus comprehensive and collision.

Depending on several factors, such as what state you live in and whether you own or finance your vehicle, your car insurance premiums will reflect the required minimum liability; plus any other coverages you add to your policy. Some states require more than just liability, such as Kansas, which requires bodily injury and property damage, plus uninsured motorist and personal injury protection (PIP).

People who finance or lease will most likely be required to carry full coverage, which consists of the state’s required minimums, plus comprehensive and collision.

If you are confused about all the choices and the minimum requirements, Freeway can help you decide what coverage is best for you.

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Comparing Insurance Costs for Your Focus to Other Vehicles

Do not expect Ford Focus drivers to pay the same premiums as drivers of competing vehicles like the Honda Civic and the Chevrolet Cruze. Every make and model will have higher or lower average premiums depending on safety records and other variables assessing risk.

Make/Model Annual Full Coverage Insurance
Ford Focus $1,633
Chevrolet Cruze $1,642
Toyota Corolla $1,695
Kia Forte $1,682
Honda Civic $1,733

Types of Car Insurance Coverage for Your Compact Sedan

Freeway Insurance is happy to provide various policy options, including full coverage and state minimum liability.

Full Coverage

Full coverage car insurance combines comprehensive and collision, offering greater protection than a state minimum liability policy.

Any non-collision-related accidents are covered by comprehensive, such as flood damage, animal hits, falling objects, and storms. In addition, collision covers out-of-pocket expenses to your vehicle when it hits another car or object.

Note that full coverage does not include uninsured and underinsured motorist, medical payments (MedPay), roadside assistance, or rental car reimbursement. Each of these policies are usually purchased separately in a-la-carte fashion.

Further, your leasing or financing company may also require full coverage policies thanks to the more significant number of protections it provides.

Whether you have a state minimum liability or full policy, you can select liability limits (minimum or higher) and a deductible amount as low as $500.

State Minimum Liability

Depending on where you live, your state-required policy will usually include bodily injury and property damage liability coverage. Here is your state’s required minimum amount.

In an at-fault state, these provisions extend third-party benefits, helping to pay for the cost of damages and injury sustained in an at-fault accident. In a no-fault state, these benefits help pay for your own damages, regardless of who is at fault. If you cannot afford higher limits, opt for state minimum coverage. However, a single-car accident can easily exceed your limits, forcing opposing drivers and pedestrians to file lawsuits to recover damages.

Therefore, we will always recommend increased amounts over the state minimum required coverage. Full offers many more first-party benefits.

Ford Focus RS Wagon

How Does a DUI Affect Rates for a Focus Sedan?

Being convicted of a DUI is one of the worst things for any driver’s rates.

For starters, expect your premiums to double, or even triple, depending on the severity of the offense. Premiums will remain elevated for a minimum of three years. As far as how long DUI convictions stay on your record, it depends on the state. For example, DUI convictions remain on a California driver’s records for 10 years with mandatory ignition interlocks (first convictions) governed by the county.

You may also be required to file an SR-22 certificate, which means shopping around for an insurer that will offer DUI insurance.

If you have been recently convicted of a DUI, we strongly recommend that you shop around for different rates. For example, one provider may offer you 30% cheaper premiums than a second provider.

What Are Some Auto Discounts?

There are a wide range of discounts available for most drivers.

Some of the more popular types include driver safety, good driver discounts, vehicle-based, usage-based, and policy-related discounts.

  • Driver safety discounts extend to maintaining a clean driving record. A claims and moving violation-free driving record for the past three to five years will likely qualify you for this discount.
  • Vehicle-based discounts reward drivers for risk-proofing their vehicles with safety features such as anti-theft devices, VIN etching, daytime running likes, and anti-lock brakes.
  • One of our favorite ones is the low-mileage discount. Driving less than 12,000 miles a year, they also help you save a few dollars off your monthly bill. Drop it to 7,500 miles a year, and your insurer may reward you even more.
  • One of the biggest decreases comes when you bundle multiple policies together with one company, such as home insurance with auto and motorcycle.

Remember, all discounts are at the full discretion of auto insurance providers. One provider may offer you a discount not available elsewhere.

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What Are Some of the Characteristics Of the Focus?

This is a vehicle in the compact sedan segment.

It comes in seven trims: S, SE, SEL, Titanium, ST, RS, and Electic with a base 160-horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine power trains from 123 horsepower to 350 horsepower.

Standard infotainment features include a 4.2-inch display, a single USB port, and Bluetooth connectivity. Upgrading to higher-level trims consists of an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system and a ten-speaker Sony Sound System with Apple Carplay and Android auto compatibility.

There is a 13.2 cubic foot trunk, which is below average for the class.

The Ford Focus’ main competitors are the Chevrolet Cruze, Toyota Corolla, Kia Forte, and Honda Civic.

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To get started, request a quote on our website, visit one of our offices or call 800-777-5620 to discuss your coverage options with a knowledgeable agent. We look forward to connecting you with your following policy.

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