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Located in the Mid-Cities region of Texas, Arlington’s a big, bustling city with traffic woes that in recent years ranked it at number eight among the top 10 U.S. cities with the worst traffic commutes Many Arlington residents work outside city limits, with a commute that typically takes them to jobs that are 12 miles away in the Fort Worth area or 20 miles away in Dallas. As a result, it’s important for Arlington drivers to have adequate car insurance in Texas

In the case of an accident, your insurance company can help cover costs related to property damage and any injuries sustained. To ensure you get the best rate for your car insurance needs, it’s important to consider various factors when choosing a policy. This may include collision coverage in addition to liability coverage. If you’re ever involved in a traffic stop or an accident, having the right insurance policy can help protect you from financial losses.

Quick Facts

Arlington’s average annual car insurance premium for full coverage in 2021 was $1,508 — that’s nearly 6.4% more than the yearly statewide average of $1,415. Regarding crashes, this Texas city reported 51 fatal crashes in 2021 that resulted in 54 fatalities, roughly 2.2% of all fatal crashes in Texas that year.

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How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Arlington?

You will pay an average of $1,508 for full coverage car insurance in the Arlington area. Compared with other major cities in Texas, Arlington drivers pay around $99 more than drivers in less populated cities and towns. Due to the amount of time drivers spend on the highways, it’s important to have adequate coverage. Luckily, consumer protection laws and Texas car insurance provide some of the best coverage options in the U.S.

City Average Annual Premium
Arlington $1,508
Dallas $1,680
Fort Worth $1,446
Houston $1,671
San Antonio $1,501

What Does It Mean If Texas Is an At-Fault State?

As a part of Texas, Arlington enforces an at-fault policy regarding auto insurance. The state is one of the 38 with said status, meaning that in the event of an accident, the person found responsible will have to compensate the injured party for damages to the car, bodily injuries and property damage. This is just one more important reason to have a robust policy to protect you on the road.

Arlington Car Insurance Rates by Zip Code

Arlington has 18 zip codes. Zip codes 76011 and 76014 have the highest average premiums at $1,508, while 76005 is around $452 less, at $1,056. Your zip code and your age are two factors that insurers use to determine your car insurance rates. Statistics from the zip code area, including the average number of accidents, average income, population, and crime rates, are also typically factored in. Because younger drivers have not had much time on the road, they are considered high risk and will normally pay more for coverage than more experienced drivers.

Average rates are based on zip code statistics. While population density between the zip codes 76014 and 76010 are within a fairly wide range — with 5,909 and 2,695 people per square mile, respectively — other zip code statistics also play a significant role. For instance, the median home value in 76011 is roughly $38,279 higher than 76014, indicating that residents in the pricier zip code might purchase more expensive vehicles, including luxury cars, which contribute to higher premiums.

The table below lists several zip codes in the Arlington area and the average insurance rates drivers will pay:

Zip Code Average Premium
76017 $1,392
76010 $1,416
76002 $1,344
76006 $1,320
76013 $1,500
76014 $1,512
76016 $1,344

Arlington Car Insurance Rates by Age

While marital status and gender can be factored in to determine a driver’s auto insurance rate, this information generally has a minimal influence on premium costs. As stated earlier, zip code and age tend to play a larger role in calculating premium rates. 

Younger drivers will pay more for car insurance until they have spent more time on the road and have gained experience. Once a young adult is in their 20s, the cost of auto insurance will begin to drop. A driving record with no accidents or tickets will keep your rates low.

Age Average Annual Premium
Teenagers $3,315
20s $1,712
30s $1,235
40s $1,164
50s $1,056
60s $948
70s $1,212

Driving Conditions in Arlington

How Many Fatal Accidents Happen in Arlington?

In 2021, Texas reported 4,489 car crash fatalities, which is a 15% increase from the 3,896 from 2020. And regarding serious injury crashes, there were 15,764, with 19,448 injured persons. Compared to the state, Arlington had a much lower number, with figures from the Texas Department of Transportation showing that this metropolitan area had a total of 51 fatal crashes resulting in 54 deaths that same year.

Of those crashes in the Arlington area, 18 were alcohol-related, with blood-alcohol levels above the legal limits. These DUI crashes resulted in 21 deaths. This is roughly 3.5% of the 511 crashes that occurred throughout Texas during 2021.

How Are the Road Infrastructure and Bridges in Arlington?

Arlington’s highway and transportation network is served by two Interstate Highways — I-20 and I-30 — that both run east and west. Limited-access freeways include U.S. Highway 287 and State Highway 360. Arlington drivers are also in close proximity to State Highway 161 (the George Bush Turnpike), which runs north and south and makes any commute in the Metroplex a roughly 30-minute drive.

Roads deteriorate, potholes form, bridges and guardrails age, and surfaces wear down. The City of Arlington Public Works & Transportation Department takes care of repairs, filling the potholes and placing signs, and carries out major projects, like maintaining bridges, repairing traffic and streetlights, and keeping highways clear of debris.

In 2021, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) released its report card for infrastructures across the U.S. and gave Texas an overall grade of C. While the ASCE gave the state’s bridges and public transit a B-, the organization gave Texas’ highways and roads a D+ for not properly distributing the funds and resources generated by the state’s gas tax to keep up with the state’s projected growth.

Rainy Days Equals Careful Driving

Driving in rainy weather comes with important obstacles, so it’s more important than ever to be protected. You can get up to 40 inches of rain yearly in Arlington, which is a little bit more than the 38 US average. This is done on an average of 77 rainy days per year.

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in Arlington

Texas is an at-fault state in terms of minimum coverage requirements, though its insurance requirements make it more of a “comparative fault” state. In Texas, each driver has to take financial responsibility for any crash in which they are more than 50% at fault. For this reason, most Texas drivers carry liability insurance.

Texas Transportation Code §601.072 details the minimum amount of car insurance drivers must carry in the state, which is 30/60/25. That means car insurance coverage must provide:

  • $30,000 for bodily injury to or death of one person in one accident;
  • $60,000 for bodily injury to or death of two or more persons in one accident, and
  • $25,000 for damage to or destruction of property of others in one accident.

Factors Allowed in Arlington Car Insurance Rates

Across the country, there are criteria insurers use to determine your car insurance rates. In Arlington, Texas, the criteria used are:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Credit score
  • Driving record
  • Level of coverage

Discounts for Car Insurance in Arlington

If you’re an Arlington driver looking to save money, you might want to take advantage of discounts available through your auto insurance carrier. These might include:

What Are the Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Arlington?

Auto insurance is not an option in the state of Texas — it’s mandatory. Drivers must carry the minimum amount of coverage or pay penalties, especially those found driving without coverage. First offense uninsured drivers can expect to pay fines between $175 and $350. That amount rises dramtically if you’re caught driving without insurance again. Fines for second offenders within three years of an initial offense will cost between $350 and $1,000. A repeat offender also risks having their license revoked and their vehicle impounded.

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