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Why Health Care Coverage is So Important

A young, Caucasian woman receiving medical advice from a young Caucasian physician, which is possible thanks to health care coverage.

Every person in the United States should purchase some form of health care coverage. Yet many people still hesitate to buy health insurance. Their reasons may vary, ranging from thinking that they are healthy enough that they don’t need health insurance coverage or they still think that medical insurance is too much of an expense. No excuse is good enough. It is important for you to get health insurance and there are a number of reasons why.

It’s Affordable

Whether your job offers you health coverage or you need to shop for individual health policies, health insurance plans are more affordable than you realize. The Affordable Care Act/Obamacare has opened up the health insurance market to more affordable health care plans for people with low incomes. There are many options for coverage, tax credits, and other items in place that can help you get an inexpensive plan that will at the minimum cover checkups, pregnancy care, emergency care, and several other necessary health services.

The ACA and health insurance companies can help guide you to a proper plan that you’ll be able to pay for. If you fall within certain incomes or have other life qualifying events, you could get Medicare or Medicaid if you cannot get traditional health insurance. There is no excuse to not speak with an insurance agent to help you enroll and get some form of health coverage.

Preventative Care Keeps You Healthier Longer

While you may feel fine, your health may still be at risk in the long term if you don’t get preventative care. The best way to treat an illness, ailment, or disease is to catch it and treat it in its early stages. This means doing regular checkups to check your blood pressure, heart rate, and other tests to monitor your overall health. ACA qualified health plans cover various tests such as physicals, mammograms, colonoscopies, and other screenings in order to make sure you’re healthy and catch any problems early when they are the most treatable.

While many believe preventative care is mostly for older people, young people benefit from it as well. Preventative care can help diagnose and treat chronic health problems such as asthma or diabetes. With proper health insurance, you’ll be able to know exactly how healthy you are and be able to address any potential health issues before they become larger problems.

Protect Yourself From Costly Medical Emergencies

No one plans to get sick or injured. You can get involved in an accident at any time, regardless of your current age and health.

So if an emergency does occur, you don’t want to be in a position where you’ll risk bankruptcy due to unexpected medical costs. Just the ambulance ride to the hospital can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, according to USA Today.

Health insurance is necessary to make sure you’ll get quality care without compromising your bank account due to any high costs of treatment. It is stressful enough to get sidelined with an injury or unexpected illness. Health insurance can relieve that stress so you can focus on your treatment and get better without worrying about how you’ll pay the medical bills.

You’ll Avoid a Tax Penalty

Due to the individual mandate, there is a tax penalty for no health insurance. Depending on a number of factors, you could get fined for not having health insurance. It is not only better for your overall health, but arguably cheaper to purchase a basic individual health insurance plan that to pay the penalty during tax season.

These are just the broader reasons why it is smart and sensible to purchase health insurance, but there are several more. There is no valid excuse to not have coverage in place in case of an emergency, in order to keep up your good health, and to avoid potential financial distress. Be rational, be covered, be healthy, get enrolled.

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