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Reasons Why Healthcare for Children is So Important

A young multi-ethnic family looking at its daughter, who lies in a hospital bed and illustrates why healthcare for children is so important.

As a society, we all know and preach that healthcare for children is important. Parents, teachers, politicians, most everyone is for providing health insurance for children. Yet despite this, 5.1% of American children don’t have health insurance coverage according to the CDC.

Supplying insurance for children is imperative to kids health, it’s not just a nice thing to say or believe. It’s a hard truth. There are a few big reasons why every parent should get child health insurance for their son or daughter.

Children Are More Prone to Illness and Injury Than Adults

While it’s joked that children are resilient and “bounce back” quickly from colds, bruises, etc. they could be subject to serious problems if they get sick or injured and don’t get proper treatment due to lack of children’s healthcare coverage. Since their immune systems are developing, even minor illnesses could threaten children’s health. Even common ailments like ear infections could lead to permanent consequences like hearing loss, if not properly examined and treated. The bones of children are still growing and more fragile compared to an adult’s, making them more susceptible to breaking if they fall. It’s important to get health insurance for kids to either get them immediate treatment or prevent an ailment from getting worse over time.

Children’s Growing Bodies Need Constant Monitoring

As your child gets older and grows, his or her medical needs may change. If you don’t let a doctor give them check-ups regularly due to lack of insurance, some preventable illnesses or ailments could be left undiagnosed. Untreated allergies let children needlessly feel ill constantly. Other rare and serious diseases such as sickle cell anemia could be left undiagnosed and get worse over time without treatment. Dental health needs to be monitored to ensure a healthy, strong smile after your child starts losing his or her baby teeth. Regular checkups also help make sure that your child is growing up healthy and properly, with your doctor being able to offer advice or prescribe treatment if something appears underdeveloped.

A healthy, strong adult is formed from a healthy, strong child. Continual preventative treatment and health monitoring is possible through health insurance for kids. Catching and addressing potential problems as a child grows up helps them live as healthier, productive adults later on.

Children’s Health Insurance Assists in Wellness Beyond Physical Health

While the obvious benefit in getting health insurance for your child is to help maintain their physical well-being, it does more than that. Since insured children get treatment and get better from their ailments quicker, it allows them to miss less school compared to their uninsured classmates. If your child isn’t doing well in their studies, it may be because they have trouble seeing or hearing the teacher, requiring glasses or a hearing aid to help them. With their health consistently monitored through check-ups and any chronic ailments being addressed, insured children tend to thrive more mentally and socially than those who don’t receive care. Health insurance doesn’t just improve the health of a child, but their lives as a whole.

What Can You Do for Your Child?

There’s no doubt that health insurance for your child can be an expense, but there are affordable plans out there and government programs willing to help. Aside from the private sector, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) can help provide free checkups and dental visits along with reasonably priced copayments. Californians can get more information about children’s health insurance online and all USA residents can find out more about CHIP at It can only help your child’s future.

If you’re in need of health insurance for your child, Freeway Insurance can help you find the right plan. Get a free children’s health insurance quote online or give us a call at (800) 777-5620 today to get your child protected.

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