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Eleven safety items you should carry in your purse!

Young Caucasian woman looking in her purse

I used to carry a massive tote for a purse until, one day, I realized that I didn’t use 80 % of the items inside!

That’s when I decided to pack smarter. I still carry my cell phone, a small wallet and some cash. Here are a few safety items you may not have thought of – emergency items you should carry in your purse.

  1. Two or three small pieces of Moleskin Bandages; just the right size to cover a sore spot on a foot before it becomes a blister. Make sure to buy Moleskin that has adhesive on one side.
  2. Individual packets of sun block, insect repellent, and antibacterial gel wipes. There’s no need to carry entire bottles if you buy some of these packets.
  3. A black Sharpie. This is handier than a pen or pencil if you need to leave an emergency note with your car, or write your cell phone number on your toddler’s arm (in case the two of you get separated in an emergency).
  4. Peanut butter in a disposable packet for a quick jolt of protein. Almond and other nut butters also come in these foil packets.
  5. A tiny LED flashlight to light the way, find your keys or signal for help.
  6. A small pair of tweezers. This is not just for plucking a stray eyebrow but for removing slivers, cactus spines or tiny shards of glass.
  7. Super glue can be handy to keep a small wound closed. Don’t use it on the face or near the eyes or on a jagged, deep cut. Of course, super glue is also handy for mending a broken nail or other small repairs.
  8. A tube of lip balm or chap stick, wrapped in several inches of duct tape. (This is a good way to store a small stash of tape).
  9. An individual packet of a powdered sports drink mix, to provide a boost of energy and electrolytes.
  10. Jelly beans, or other hard candies. These can help alleviate a sore throat or cough, pacify cranky kids, and provide a boost of sugar. If yours contain Vitamin C, that’s even better.
  11. Several safety pins of different sizes. The uses for these will become self-evident.

Keep most or all of these family safety items in a quart-size zip-top bag, to keep things organized, but also to provide a plastic bag for trash or even the occasional doggie accident.

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