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Creating 7 Healthy Spending Habits

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Many people make the mistake of thinking that creating healthy spending habits keeps them from happiness. This is simply not the case. Finance – and managing it – is not as difficult as it seems. Money, if used in a healthy manner, will prove to become a source of safety, not anxiety. Here are 7 healthy spending habits.

  1. Cut up the cards. Yes, those pesky credit cards with interest rates from 14% – 30% are structured so that it will be very difficult for you to get out of debt. Paying the minimum will only help you pay off the interest, leaving you with the original debt to worry about. Cut up the cards already! This will keep you from spending, which will help avoid accruing interest debt.
  2. Don’t think in terms of “all or nothing”. Though you want to start saving money fast, it is not realistic if you want to do it all overnight. Start with changing your spending habits little by little. For instance, if you walk into a coffee shop, consider ordering a smaller drink size. Sure it’s only a few quarters of a difference, but it’s a start somewhere.
  3. Don’t buy new. Craigslist,,, and various donation stores have plenty of merchandise waiting for you to purchase. There is no need to waste money on brand new items when they are out there for free or at a discounted cost.
  4. Buy in bulk. When you purchase basic household items, one at a time, it becomes expensive. Spending a little bit more by purchasing bulk items at places like Costco and Sam’s Plus can help to save money in the long run.
  5. Cut out the luxury goods. Be it cable TV, gym membership, dining out, we all know there are some items that aren’t absolute necessities.
  6. Prepare meals at home. This goes along #5. Create a budget when going to the grocery store, and prepare the same dish in bulk. Freeze them in Tupperware and save for the week. This will help to resist the urge to go out and grab a quick bite.
  7. Ditch the car. I don’t mean to get rid of your car entirely. But instead of driving to the local store, consider walking if it’s less than a mile away. The price on gasoline isn’t going to lower any time soon. If you’re worried about carrying groceries back, ask a friend to join you. This will create an opportunity for exercise, quality time with a friend, and make the earth a little bit more green.

Spending money is a necessity, but doesn’t have to be a burden. With a few changes in spending habits, you’ll be on your way to a healthier financial state.

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