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Marketing Tips for a New Business

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If you have a business idea, make sure to have a solid marketing component integrated in your overall business structure. What is marketing? It is communication with your customers about your product. Here are some marketing tips for a new business:

1)      Know your audience. Yes, we’ve heard this during our speech classes in high school. While it’s elementary in nature, it’s also profoundly true. Often, business owners are so dazzled (and distracted) by their ideas that they forget their responsibility to deliver, and to whom they are delivering. How to find your audience? Do your research before pouring time and resources into your product/service.

a.       Send out sample surveys

b.      Look up similar companies online

c.       Ask around. Ask your closest friends and family members to ask 3-10 friends about the product/service.

2)      Focus on 2-3 social media outlets, not all of them. Some companies make the mistake of capitalizing on all available social media outlets. Depending on your company, you won’t need all these marketing tools. Do you own a flower shop geared towards a younger crowd? Use Instagram and Facebook. Do you have a mobile shop (i.e. pop-up shops, food trucks, etc.)? A Twitter account is a must. How about an e-commerce fashion company? Show off your products on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Are you operating a consulting company? Use Twitter and Facebook to provide tips everyday.

3)      Be consistent in marketing your brand. Nothing confuses the consumer more than inconsistent information or an unreliable service. If your product or service is inconsistent, then so will the reviews be on various marketing/social media sites. If you fail to respond accordingly to customer reviews or complaints, you are allowing them to view your products or service in that light. Provide accurate information, at all times, as often as possible.

I hope these marketing tips were helpful. Don’t feel discouraged if you can’t get it all right initially. Start with knowing your audience, then move onto learning about each social media marketing platform. Finally, be consistent in how you market and brand your company. Good luck!

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