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Covered California Health Plans Make Pregnancy Care a Priority

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Covered California Health Plans Make Pregnancy Care a Priority

Covered California pregnancy coverage is here to support you on your journey to becoming a mother. Whether you’re already expecting a baby or planning to start a family, this program offers essential assistance in an easy-to-understand way. It provides financial assistance and access to quality healthcare, ensuring that you and your baby receive the care you need during this special time in your life. In this guide, we’ll explain the basics of Covered California pregnancy coverage and how you can make your pregnancy experience easier and more manageable.

Importance of Pregnancy Care and Maternal Health 

The importance of proper health care during pregnancy is something Covered California takes very seriously and has made a priority. That’s why the state-based health insurance exchange has fixed an enrollment gap for middle-income uninsured pregnant women.

Until changes were made, Covered California did not have the option – as required by the Affordable Care Act – which requires that pregnant women be screened for the Medi-Cal Access Program (formerly known as Access for Infants and Mothers) eligibility as well as being provided with information about the optional coverage so they can choose from less expensive programs before enrolling in a more costly health plan through the health exchange.

Depending on income, citizenship, and immigration status, women who meet the requirements of MCAP can be eligible for premiums that are only 1.5% of their income or approximately $42 to $64 per month. In addition, under the MCAP program there are no co-payments, deductibles or other fees – and, no need for co-insurance.

Covered CA Pregnancy: Benefits and Services

Currently, enrollment options as offered by Covered California health insurance plans and Medi-Cal (the state’s version of Medicaid) include:

Presumptive Eligibility for Pregnant Women – entitled temporary coverage up to 60 days.
Full-coverage Medi-Cal – coverage at no-cost.
Pregnancy-related Medi-Cal – coverage at no-cost.
Medi-Cal Access Program – coverage at low-cost.

While the Covered California open enrollment period runs only three months from November 1, 2015 to January 31, 2016, MCAP offers women in need of health insurance year-round enrollment. Unfortunately, if you fail to participate in or miss the open enrollment period, pregnancy is not considered a “qualifying life event” for special enrollment in Covered California. However, once the child is born, women can enroll themselves and their newborn for coverage.

However, keep in mind that you could be subject to a penalty for not having health insurance. The best way to avoid the fine is by taking advantage of the open enrollment period or applying for MCAP.

Prenatal Care

Prenatal care is an essential part of Covered California’s Pregnancy coverage. It’s all about giving extra help to expectant moms right from the very start of their pregnancy journey. This special benefit means you get regular check-ups, doctor visits, and tests to make sure both you and your baby are healthy while you’re pregnant. These services are super important because they help find and deal with any health problems early on, making your pregnancy smoother. Prenatal care also includes advice on what to eat, how to stay active, and making good choices to have a healthy pregnancy.

Labor and Delivery Services

Covered California’s Pregnancy coverage doesn’t stop at prenatal care. It also helps when it’s time to have your baby. Whether you plan to give birth in a hospital, a birthing center, or with a midwife, this program will make sure you get the medical help you need. That means it covers the cost of your hospital stay, medical procedures, and any emergencies that might happen when you’re having your baby. Knowing that your healthcare is taken care of can give you peace of mind during this exciting time. 

Postnatal Care

The support from Covered California keeps going even after your baby is born with something called postnatal care. This part of the program focuses on making sure both you and your baby stay healthy during the time right after giving birth. You can expect things like check-ups after giving birth, care for your newborn, and help with things like breastfeeding and taking care of your baby. Covered California is here to support you as you become a new mom and make sure both you and your baby have a good start. Postnatal care also helps find and deal with any health problems that might come up after pregnancy, so you stay healthy in the long run. 

Eligibility for Covered CA Pregnancy

In certain cases, you may meet the eligibility requirements for both Medi-Cal and Covered California during the course of your pregnancy and immediate postpartum. But, this will depend once again on your income, citizenship, and immigration status.

When applying for health insurance coverage during the Covered California open enrollment period, your application will also be sent to Medi-Cal in the county you reside in. And, although you may actually qualify for both programs, you might want to choose the one that best meets your insurance needs.

How to Determine If You’re Eligible

Pregnant women, who aren’t covered by adequate health insurance and aren’t receiving necessary prenatal care because they can’t afford it, are putting their own health as well as the health of their babies at risk. According to statistics, babies born to mothers who haven’t gotten proper prenatal care have a three times greater chance of low birth weight and are five times more likely to die, compared to babies whose mothers were under a doctor’s care.

Covered California and MCAP want all women without health insurance to find the coverage that will provide them and their unborn or newborn child with affordable health care. And, for that reason – they’ve made it a priority.

How to Use Covered CA Benefits During Pregnancy

Using Covered California benefits during pregnancy is simple and essential for a healthy journey. First, make an appointment with a doctor or midwife as soon as you know you’re pregnant. This is your starting point for good care. Then, go to regular check-ups to keep tabs on your health and your baby’s growth. Don’t forget to check that the hospital and providers you plan to use accept your Covered California insurance, so you won’t have unexpected costs during your delivery. By following these steps, you can make the most of your Covered California benefits and ensure a smooth and worry-free pregnancy experience.

Scheduling Your First Prenatal Visit

When you have Covered California for your pregnancy, it’s important to see a doctor or midwife early on. This first visit is to kickstart your pregnancy care. You should try to set it up as soon as you find out you’re pregnant. During this visit, your doctor or midwife will chat with you about your health, your pregnancy, and what to expect in the coming months. It’s a chance to ask any questions you have and get the care you need from the start.

Regular Check-ups During Pregnancy

After your first visit, you’ll need to keep up with regular check-ups during your pregnancy. These are like follow-up appointments with your healthcare provider. They’ll be scheduled at different times, usually about once a month at first, and then more often as you get closer to when the baby is due. During these visits, your provider will check on your health and your baby’s growth. They’ll make sure everything is going well and help you with any concerns or questions you may have. These regular checks help make sure you and your baby are healthy.

Choosing the Right Hospital and Providers

If you plan to give birth in a hospital or with a healthcare provider, it’s important to make sure they work with Covered California. This means they accept your insurance, which will save you money. Before your due date, check with your insurance plan to see which hospitals and providers are in their network. This way, you won’t get any unexpected bills, and you’ll know your delivery is well-covered. Knowing that your hospital and providers are in-network can give you peace of mind when the big day comes.

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