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What You Should Know About In-Home Senior Care

elderly woman with nurse

Your parents or grandparents are getting older, and you are worried about them living alone. At the same time, the idea of putting them in a nursing home is too much to bear. In-home senior care might be the right choice for your loved ones. Home health aides make aging at home safer and more comfortable for seniors. Before you move forward, learn more about in-home senior care. Then you can take the steps necessary, so your loved ones can get elderly care in their own homes.

Type of Assistance for Seniors Living at Home 

Home health aides assist with Activities of Daily Living. This can include personal care, healthcare, homemaking, grocery shopping, and transportation. Home care for the elderly can also include companionship. From playing cards and taking walks to chat, this companionship is precious. Your grandparents or parents will have something to look forward to each day, and that will help them thrive.  

Choosing a Provider

Lots of people claim that they specialize in taking care of older people. However, you shouldn’t hire anyone without proper vetting. Make sure the agency is insured, licensed, and bonded. Then run a background check on the caregiver. It’s also wise to check the person’s driving record. If the person has a clean background check and driving record, he or she is likely a good fit for in-home senior care. 

Cost of In-home Care

elderly woman with nurse in her house with in home senior care

While the cost of geriatric care varies based on the agency used and the needs of the patient, the national average is around $4,000 a month. Fortunately, your loved ones have some options to cover the costs. They might be eligible for in-home senior care through Medicaid, Medicare, or the VA. Your parents or grandparents can also purchase a long-term care insurance policy or add a rider for long-term care to a life insurance policy. If you are unsure of which option to use, you can speak to a licensed insurance agent for help.

How to Deal With Stubborn Aging Parents and Grandparents 

Getting your parents or grandparents on board with in-home senior care can seem like an impossible task, especially if they are stubborn. If you need help, you can consider hiring a geriatric care manager. Most geriatric care managers are social workers or nurses, and since they specialize in geriatrics, they understand the needs of seniors. These professionals can discuss difficult topics with your aging parents or grandparents and suggest services, such as in-home care. They can even evaluate the specific in-home care needs your loved one requires. This makes the process so much easier for everyone involved. Then you can be a child or grandchild instead of making life-changing decisions.

Before you hire a geriatric care manager, you do need to think about payment. Insurance policies usually do not cover geriatric care managers, so you might have to pay out of pocket. They typically charge by the hour, and you can shop around to find one that is qualified at a price you can afford. 

Help Your Loved Ones Age With Dignity

In-home senior care helps your loved ones age with dignity. Consider helping your parents or grandparents get an insurance policy to help pay for care. Then you can take the next step and hire a geriatric manager or home health aide.  

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