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Accidents Happen: Protect Yourself When Hosting a Party

Group of friends having a party in an apartment. Remember to protect yourself when having a party with the right insurance cover.

While having people over should be fun, sometimes accidents happen. Even as a renter, you can be liable for certain accidents and injuries that might damage your home or injure your guests. While being liable for these types of accidents can seem daunting, having the best renters insurance in place can give you peace of mind. With the right policy for your needs, you can be covered for the expenses that might fall on you once accidents or injuries are assessed. Here are three things to keep in mind before your next big party to protect yourself, your home, and your guests.

Personal Injury Claims Happen

Many renters assume that even the best renters insurance covers only damages to the home, and they aren’t aware of all of the other areas that renters insurance is designed to cover. If a friend or loved one twists his ankle on your property, he may be within his rights to have you cover his medical bills. This isn’t something that you need to deal with on your own if you have the right insurance policy in place. Depending on coverage, renters insurance can help with injury claims and medical reimbursements as well. Remove this potential stressor from your life by securing the right insurance to protect yourself from being personally liable for accidents. Your renters insurance can step in and handle all of the steps in the process if you have an injured guest file a claim after your party.

Assess Your Property and Personal Items

If you are hosting a large gathering, there is always the small chance that something of value will be damaged or go missing. If you take an inventory of your home before your party, you can make a claim after the fact if anything happens to your items. Knowing your items of value are insured can make it easier for you to relax when having others over. Insurance coverage can also cover damages that might happen to the interior of your home, which you’ll want to review both with your landlord and your renters insurance provider. You can then make the most informed decision when it comes to submitting a claim either through your insurance or your landlord’s insurance.

Be Proactive When it Comes to Safety

While you might have great insurance in place, you should still play it safe when having guests over. Work with your landlord to have any repairs kept up to date, such as fixing wobbly stairs or updating lighting in exterior walkways to avoid potential falls. Because parties can sometimes get wild, you as the host or hostess should plan to steer clear from alcohol during your own party. If you can keep yourself in check, you can better keep an eye on other guests to make sure people aren’t doing anything potentially dangerous.

While parties should be fun, make sure that your home and your guests are protected before sending out the invite. You cannot assume that your landlord has insurance in place that will cover all of your needs. Make sure that you have the best renters insurance secured for your personal needs, potential accidents, and legal issues down the line. Renters insurance quotes online are easy to view and sign up for, and the right policy will protect you and your property if an accident does happen during your next gathering.

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