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Tips for Getting a Better Auto Insurance Quote Online

A multi-ethnic couple looking at the computer and smiling as they illustrate tips for getting a better auto-insurance quote online.

The Internet has made everything more convenient in our lives. With a click of a mouse, we can order food, pay bills, and even get car insurance quotes. Many times you can get great auto insurance online than you would over the phone. However, there are some tips and tricks of the trade you should learn in order to get the best car insurance rates online.

Have Your Personal Information On-Hand

In order to get accurate quotes for auto insurance, you’ll have to provide important personal details regarding you and any other drivers you wish to have covered under your policy. You may already have information such as names, birthdates, and home addresses memorized, however there are other things that will factor into your car insurance cost. Many auto insurance companies online will ask about your vehicle’s driver’s plate number, VIN number, mileage, and other facts about the vehicle(s) you wish to cover. Having all of this information ready can help the website calculate the best car insurance rate for your needs.

Have Your Driving Records Available to You

One of the ways auto insurance companies calculate your risk is through your driving record. When applying for auto insurance online, you might be asked questions regarding your driving record. If you mistakenly assume that past offenses are still on your record, you might get an inflated auto insurance quote based on that mistake. In order to the best car insurance rates for you and avoid unnecessary increases in premiums, you should obtain an up-to-date copy of your driving record to help you accurately fill out the online form. Most state governments offer ways for you to get copies of your driving record for a small fee. You can find out how to get a copy of your driving record from your state here.

Know the Coverage You Need and the Cost You Can Afford

You need to know what type of coverage you want in order to find an affordable auto insurance plan that suits your needs. Your budget and personal finances will factor into whether you decide to get cheap liability coverage or comprehensive collision coverage that offers full protection. There are many other factors you should weigh in that determine the cost of a plan, such as whether you are insuring a new car or a used car. Ultimately, you need to consider how much money you are willing to spend on premiums and deductibles versus the amount of risk you are willing to take if you decide to buy less coverage.

Compare Insurance Rates and Their Coverage

You might miss out on cheaper coverage if you don’t compare insurance rates among multiple companies. Visit the websites of multiple auto insurance companies to get multiple quotes for auto insurance. You may see a big difference between the coverage and cost among them that would help you make the best choice for you and your family. Compare the car insurance quotes of at least three different insurance providers to get the best car insurance within your budget.

Investigate Insurance Discounts

When investigating auto insurance online, there may be an opportunity to provide information that could give you a discount. If your car has any particular safety or security features, this could help lead to lower premium. If you have passed a defensive driver course, make sure you provide that information in order to get a lower rate. If the person getting insured is in school and has good grades, that could also help you get a discounted auto insurance quote. The more evidence that shows you to be a lower risk for insurers, the more likely you’ll be given a discount. Sadly, discounts aren’t guaranteed and the size of the discounts vary from insurance broker to insurance broker, but it still worth exploring.

Talk to An Insurance Broker or Agent

While most people are able to find affordable auto insurance online, there may be some circumstances or issues that prevent you from fully explaining your situation to an insurance company in order to get the best quotes for auto insurance. If this is the case, set up an appointment to speak with an insurance broker or a company’s insurance agent to fully explain your needs and issues. They can help you compare insurance rates and plans face-to-face to find you affordable auto insurance that fits your particular needs or circumstances.

Now that you know how to get the best car insurance quotes online, call Freeway Insurance at (800) 777-5620 to speak with a real agent or request a free car insurance quote online. It’s quick and easy, and there’s no obligation.

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