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It’s Bikini Day! 3 Types of Insurance You Need If You’re Headed to the Water

Rear view of couple kneeling on boat bow, wearing safety vests and raising their hands that illustrates 3 Types of Insurance You Need If You're Headed to the Water

Everyone knows that July 4th is a day to celebrate, but did you realize that the 5th of July is a holiday, too? Each year on July 5th, people across the world celebrate Bikini Day — the day marking the anniversary of the invention of the bikini in 1946! One of the best ways to celebrate bikini day is by heading to the nearest body of water and spending the day wearing a bikini (or, if you’re a guy, spending time with someone who is). If you plan to head to the water this year on July 5th, you’ll want to make sure you’re covered with the following types of insurance before you go.

Auto Insurance
If you’re going to need to hop in the car to drive to a beach, river or pool nearby, you need to make sure you have auto insurance first. Almost every state in the U.S. requires that you have auto insurance (liability coverage at the very least) before you get behind the wheel. Also, even if your state does not require liability coverage, you will still be financially responsible to pay any claims against you in the case of an accident. A comprehensive auto insurance plan will make sure that your car and the people in it — as well as any other cars or people involved — will be covered should any incidents arise.

Motorcycle Insurance
When you have a motorcycle and the summer sun is shining, it’s hard to resist hopping on your bike and using it to get you to your nearest swimming hole. Just make sure you have a motorcycle insurance policy. Motorcycle insurance plans offer you financial protection in case you get in a motorcycle accident, or in case your motorcycle gets damaged or stolen. Motorcycle insurance plans also usually have liability coverage built into them, which means they can cover the costs should any damage or injury happen to another person in the accident.

Watercraft Insurance
If you plan to get out on the water this Bikini Day — whether you ride on a speedboat, hop on a jet ski, or float on a sailboat — you’ll want to make sure that your watercraft is protected. Watercraft insurance plans cover the cost of any damage done to the boat in case of an accident, and they also cover the cost of any bills should any person be injured. Boat insurance rates vary, but the price of a watercraft insurance plan is usually determined by the size and cost of your watercraft, as well as where you take it.

If you’re planning to take a trip to the water on Bikini Day this year, check out Freeway Insurance to make sure you have adequate coverage. Freeway offers a selection of insurance plans, including auto, motorcycle, watercraft, ATV, motor home insurance and more.

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