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Is Wedding Insurance a Good Idea?

Happily married young couple surrounded by friends in wedding party in green sunny park showered with confetti

You’ve overseen every detail, from the flowers to the invitations to the band’s song list. Your wedding, you think, will be a well-orchestrated masterpiece from start to finish.

You and your fiancé sit down to watch television and relax the night before your big day. As your favorite show comes on, a news anchor disrupts it and issues a breaking weather warning. Roads in your area will be closed. Electricity may get shut off.

These logistical nightmares might make it impossible for your guests to get from their hotel to your wedding venues. What are you going to do? You, your fiancé, and your respective families risk losing thousands of dollars if your wedding must be postponed. If you purchased wedding insurance, then you’ve protected yourself against that significant financial loss. Here’s more about wedding insurance and why it’s a good idea for many couples.

What’s Wedding Insurance, Anyway?

Wedding insurance costs between $155 and $550. It reimburses you in case your wedding gets postponed due to weather, vendor no-shows, military deployment, injury, and illness. You can purchase additional coverage for your wedding photos, videos, gifts, clothes, and honeymoon. You also can get personal liability for the event, which will pay for medical expenses in case someone gets hurt at your wedding.

It covers your reception, wedding ceremony, rehearsal dinner, and honeymoon. Wedding insurance also covers destination weddings outside the United States.

Be aware that some wedding insurance does not cover couples who decide to change their minds about getting married. You may have to pay for additional cancellation and postponement coverage in your plan. It also doesn’t cover most jewelry, except for your wedding rings. It does cover any damage to the bride’s wedding dress and the groom’s tuxedo.

It’s important to check with your wedding vendors and venues and find out what their insurance covers. Some of their coverage may not overlap with your wedding insurance. For example, certain wedding insurance plans cover property damage from alcohol-related accidents while some vendor insurance does not.

When Should Couples Get Wedding Insurance?

When you buy wedding insurance is just as important as the kind you buy. As soon as you start putting down deposits on dresses, venues, and vendors, it’s time to get wedding insurance. If you delay, you risk missing out on adequate protection. You can always add, modify, or remove parts of your wedding insurance plan as you approach the big day.

At Freeway Insurance, we recommend that you and your soon-to-spouse look into more than just wedding insurance. When you get married, it’s critical to compare life insurance quotes and the average cost of homeowners insurance. In the event you or your partner passes away, life insurance provides your family with income to cover its living expenses. Homeowners insurance is equally important. It covers you in case your home gets damaged due to weather, frozen pipes, or burglary.

To learn more about homeowners and life insurance, call us today at (800) 777-5620. Our representatives are available now to give you a quote.

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