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ATV Insurance – Why Do I Need It?

Two off-road vehicles on a trail. A couple rides one, a man rides the other. All wear helmets.

You’re considering buying an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle), but the last thing you want to think about is whether you need ATV insurance for it. Is it really necessary? After all, the reason for buying a 4-wheel ATV is to have a blast riding it off-road and feeling the rush of exploring the great outdoors – even if they have a reputation for being dangerous to life and limb in the wrong hands.

Let’s forget for a moment the fact that they have a high center of gravity, especially with a rider on board, and are prone to sliding sideways, backwards, and rolling over on steep or uneven terrain. Though most models should only carry a single rider, according to the Injury-Free Coalition for Kids, many drivers, unfortunately, ignore the recommendation and the law by allowing passengers to ride along with them, risking various injuries as their vehicles become considerably more unstable as result of the extra weight distribution.

That’s no reason to get insurance. ATV’s mean freedom. There are no federal regulations to bother with. State regulations vary somewhat, but not all of them have safety laws on the books. While more and more states are reacting to the gradual increase in deaths and injuries over the past few years, many still lack requirements for helmets or other safety equipment to be worn while riding. As far as seatbelts and roll bars are concerned, well, let‘s just say there is no real concern, so far. Luckily, a number of states are imposing various age limitations for riders. Yet, others have absolutely no regulations whatsoever, age or otherwise – only title and/or registration may be required.

You’re still not convinced that ATV insurance might be a good idea? Well, according to the National Association of Off-Highway Vehicles, New Jersey and New York have already introduced a statute making liability insurance mandatory to operate an ATV. Okay, so you don’t live in New York or New Jersey, however, read on, and you’ll see why getting ATV insurance makes sense. In fact, buying ATV insurance could be one of the most important things you could do if you already own or plan to own an ATV.

Here’s why. To begin with, ATV insurance can save you money and protect you in ways you probably never considered:
It covers your ATV
New ATVs cost thousands of dollars. Imagine if you roll it and total it…or worse, it gets stolen? You’re out a few grand either way. But, with ATV insurance coverage, it gets replaced or repaired and you’re back to riding.

It covers bodily injury
With an ATV policy, any injuries you sustain while driving your ATV is covered. This is where saving more money comes in. ATV’s are dangerous and injuries are very common, often occurring when you least expect them. That’s why you need to be insured. Medical costs are going through the roof – having to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket for medical care as a result of an ATV accident could break you financially.

It covers property damage
Another good reason for having ATV insurance is it covers you in case you accidentally damage someone’s property while riding your ATV. It could be another ATV, a car, a wall, a fence, or a flower bed. And, it could end up costing you a pretty penny. But, if you have ATV insurance, you can rest easy. Whatever it is, it’s covered.

It covers liability
This, in all likelihood, could be the most important argument for getting ATV insurance, as it covers any damage you accidentally do to other people while riding your ATV. If you injure them, your policy will pick up their medical bills and any other costs they incur as a result of their injury. They may also request an amount for pain and suffering and lost wages or reimbursement for meals and lodging. With ATV insurance, you’re covered.

Just remember…fun and peace of mind go hand in hand. Get insurance for your ATV and you can have both. For additional peace of mind, make sure you’re getting the best rates on your car insurance. Why not get a free car insurance quote today?

Do you have ATV insurance? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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