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Manual vs automatic: Which is better?

manual transmission shift stick is it better than automatic

When you buy a vehicle, you have to decide if you should get an automatic or manual transmission. Both types contain gears that alternate to provide the necessary amount of power to the wheels. However, the two operate differently. An automatic transmission has a computer that does the work for you. You will need to operate a clutch and shift the vehicle into the appropriate gear if you choose a manual transmission. Before you decide, you need to compare a manual vs automatic transmission by evaluating the pros and cons. Then, you’ll have the answer to, “Should I drive a manual or automatic?”

Pros of Automatic Transmissions 

Vehicles with automatic transmissions are popular due to all the benefits.First, you can keep your attention focused on the road when you have an automatic transmission. There’s no need to look away to make sure your vehicle is in the appropriate gear. This can lower the risk of getting into an accident.

It’s also much easier to drive in stop-and-go traffic. You don’t have to worry about shifting every few seconds. 

An automatic transmission can also shift faster. Many people ask which is faster, and once they find out it’s an automatic, they go with it.

hispanic woman driving an automatic car

Cons of Automatic Transmissions

Automatic transmissions also have some drawbacks you should consider. First, because these transmissions are so complex, you might find yourself in the repair shop more often than you’d like. 

Also, some automatic transmissions occasionally shift into the wrong gear. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does, your vehicle won’t perform as it should. 

Also, automatic vehicles cost more to purchase, and some people say they aren’t as much fun to drive. That depends on the driver, though.

Pros of Manual Transmissions 

When looking at manual vs automatic transmissions, many people want to know about transmission reliability. Manual transmissions tend to last longer than automatic transmissions. Also, if you do have to repair the transmission, the bill will be lower if you have a manual. These transmissions aren’t nearly as complex, which leads to lower costs.

You can also expect better fuel economy if you choose a manual transmission. Consumer Reports tested the gas mileage for different vehicles. It discovered that some cars with manual transmissions get two to five more miles per gallon. 

Vehicles with manual transmissions are also often cheaper. You might spend $1,200 less on the same car if you go with a manual transmission. 

Also, thieves are less likely to steal vehicles with manual transmissions. Not because they don’t want to take them, simply because many people don’t know how to drive them.

Cons of Manual Transmissions

Some people find vehicles with manual transmissions challenging to drive. You have to operate the clutch and shift, which becomes more difficult when you’re on a hill or in stop-and-go traffic.

Also, vehicles with manual transmissions are harder to find at dealerships. Since they are as popular, dealerships don’t have many in stock. 

Manual Vs Automatic: Which Is Right for You?

Now that you’ve weighed the pros and cons, you can make a decision. Both transmissions have good and bad qualities, so consider these factors and make a decision based on your needs. 

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