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How to Make an Inventory of Your Home Before a Flood Hits

A house placed in a lifesaver to showcase how to make an inventory of your home items before a flood hits to make sure they are covered.

If you live in a part of the country where floods are common, it is important to look into insurance options so that your personal items are covered. You can find both renters and homeowners insurance quotes online. It is important that these are put into place if a flood damages your home or personal effects. The first step when signing up for flood insurance is to take stock of your personal items to determine replacement value. Here are a few tips when it comes to putting together a comprehensive inventory of your personal effects.

PDF Receipts and Statements of Value

While you might have a paper file in your home with receipts for large purchases, warranties, and backup documentation for replacement parts, these will do you no good if documentation is also damaged in a flood. Scan these documents and keep them in your cloud storage or provide them to your insurance agent so you can easily find these for future needs. While keeping documentation in a safety deposit box can be a good option, if a flood or other natural disaster strikes an entire area, you might not be able to access these documents right away.

Take Photos of Items

While a list can help you get started on recording items of value, take corresponding photos of items. This can help with proof of ownership and provide backup if questions come up regarding the value or condition of your items before disaster hits. If you really want to get serious about your inventory process, you should look up values online using similar items to make sure your items are given the value that they deserve. For one-of-a-kind or rare items, photo proof will be more important. If your insurance provider does ask for more follow-up detail, you’ll have price listings and photos ready.

Have Your Insurance Provide a List of Common Items

Agencies such as FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) may provide aid if flooding occurred from a natural disaster. They have helpful forms ready to help families list and record items that have been damaged. Another great resource is to ask your insurance agency to provide a list of common items that you might have in your home, but may forget to include in your inventory list. While you might immediately think about heirlooms or jewelry, you probably have plenty of expensive less glamorous items that you will need replaced. These could be items you forgot about in storage, your garage, or high-end kitchen appliances.

Having a well-recorded inventory written up and sent to your insurance agent will keep you covered when emergency hits. For renters, if you can find the best renters insurance for your own personal needs, this can safeguard your belongings and help you get back on your feet in case of disaster. While homeowners insurance is something that is a requirement with most mortgages, you can still select your plans and carrier. A quick search of homeowners insurance quotes online can give you some sound comparisons regarding supplemental flood insurance offers in your area.

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