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Top Benefits When You Buy Car Insurance Online

An African-American woman sitting in front of a laptop displaying information about auto insurance to illustrate the benefits of buying online car insurance.

More and more people are buying their car insurance online. Many insurers are following the trend and providing this service for their customers.

There are different benefits when you buy online. Whether you are shopping for a better rate, various coverage options or looking for quotes for vehicles you’re interested in buying, there are many benefits in going online.

What is Buying Car Insurance Online?

It’s a faster, more convenient way to find the auto insurance quotes and coverage you need and want. Instead of the old-school method of going from office to office or making numerous phone calls, you can enter the coverage options you want into your internet browser and find a variety of policy options at your fingertips. Here are 6 ways buying online can make your life easier:

1. Online Car Insurance Shopping is More Convenient

This is arguably the biggest benefit to getting online insurance quotes. Sometimes life can get too busy and you can’t drive over to an insurance company’s office or call during business hours. Getting quotes online can allow you to get a policy from the comfort of your home, customized with your needed coverage. You can even compare quotes while lying on your couch in your underwear at 3:00 A.M. if you’d like.

2. You Can Save Your Precious Time Buying a Policy Online

Buying insurance online helps you save time. It doesn’t make sense to go from insurance company office to insurance company office to get a good deal. Spending time on the phone and potentially being put on hold is also a waste. On the other hand, with a few clicks of the mouse, you can get a coverage quote. The only time needed is dependent on the speed of your Internet.

3. Online Buying is Much More Low-Pressure

One of the best parts of getting car insurance online is not having to deal with pushy or overly aggressive insurance agents. While most insurance agents are reputable and want to find the best policy for you, there are others that will try to lean you into a direction that isn’t the best option for the sake of a sale. Online shopping eliminates that possibility.

4. Easily Compare Car Insurance Quotes Online

It’s easier to compare policies online than in person. You can compare quotes for coverage from multiple insurers from a single website when you deal with a insurance company broker. It’s less hassle than making multiple phone calls with insurance companies and doing the legwork of comparing auto insurance rates one at a time.

5. Customize Your Car Insurance Needs Online

You don’t have to spend hours sitting in an insurance agent’s office to run all the different scenarios and explore all the insurance options that you may want in order to get the best deal. Many online insurance providers provide enough coverage customization for you to create different scenarios and see how each one affects your rate. This way you can get the best quote without worrying about paying too much or missing out on coverage you want.

6. Getting Auto Insurance Quotes Online Can Save Money

Most of the time, you can save a big bundle buying online compared to other methods. Many online insurers don’t have to staff offices, pay rent and utilities for a business space, or have to pay multiple insurance agents. It helps them save money so they can pass their savings onto their customers. This typically makes online coverage cheaper than their competition.

Older couple smiles happily as the buy car insurance online

Is It Possible to Purchase Completely Online?

Yes, in many cases you can buy your complete policy online. Some companies may still want you to at least speak to an agent to finalize your policy, but other companies allow the whole process, including applying discounts, to happen online.

How Quickly Can I Get Insurance On a Car Online?

In many cases, you can get insurance the same day you look for and apply for a policy. This happens for a variety of reasons, but one good reason is when you purchase a new (or used) vehicle and need car insurance before you can drive it home from the dealership.

Is it Safe to Buy a Policy Online?

Yes, but you should be careful. Just like everything else to do with shopping online, you should take precautions. Anytime you enter sensitive personal or financial information into a website, there are steps you should take to make sure your information is not compromised. Here are some tips to help keep you safe when you are buying auto insurance online:

  • Take a hard look at the site you are thinking about buying your policy through. If it’s not a reputable name you recognize, take note if there seem to be a lot of “spammy” type ads. You can – and should – check the Better Business Bureau rating, as well as a TrustPilot score.
  • Before entering sensitive information, make sure the site is using a high level of encryption. The website should always start with “https” and have an image of a locked padlock.
  • Use a credit card to make your purchases online and then keep a close eye on the charges. Your credit card company will help you if a bad actor tries to use your number.

Remember, most insurance companies have a vested interested in keeping their information – and their customers’ information – safe.

Can I Save Money by Buying Car Insurance Online?

Yes. For one thing, as we mentioned before, some insurance companies can save a lot of money by doing their business online and eliminating the overhead of a brisk and mortar office with employees. These companies are happy to pass those savings on to you. It makes them more competitive.

Another way you can save money on your policy is by doing the research and learning how to understand and compare policies, thereby eliminating the need for an agent altogether. According to some sources, using an agent adds 5% to 20% on a new policy.

There are other ways to save money on an insurance policy, including:

  • Shop around – It’s tried and true advice. Learning how to shop around and compare policies is the best way to save money on your policy.
  • Be prepared – Before you buy a new or used vehicle, learn about the average insurance quotes for that make and model.
  • Set your deductible higher – The less money your insurer has to come up with after a claim, the less you pay in premiums. Be sure you can cover your deductible since the insurance company won’t part with a dime until you pay the deductible.
  • Take advantage of car insurance discounts – Discounts run the gamut from bundling your home insurance with your auto, being a new customer or one who is coming back, having a good driving record to being a senior citizen. Some companies offer their discounts online.

There are many ways a savvy shopper can save money. Purchasing a policy online is typically considered one way to save some bucks.

When Buying Online May Not be the Best Choice

Although we’ve pointed out many positive benefits to purchasing your car insurance online, it may not be the best option for some people. Not everybody is at the same level of comfort when shopping online and for those people, visiting with a car insurance agent in person might be a better plan. Some other reasons for choosing to not buy online may include:

  • Insurance for a specialized vehicle. You may need an in-person valuation to order something like a classic car, the value of which is decided between the insurance company and the owner.
  • Uncertainty about your coverage needs. Maybe you want the specialized knowledge a licensed insurance agent brings to the table when it comes down to insuring your possessions.
  • A desire for a one-on-one relationship. For many people, their insurance agent is intimately familiar with their lives, their families and their needs. They like feeling assured that this person has their best interests at heart and is looking out for them – especially when it comes time to file a claim.

In many cases, buying online is a good idea. There are always exceptions, however, and using the means you are most comfortable with is how you should find your policy.

Find the Best Auto Coverage Policy – Online or In Person – Today

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