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5 Common DUI Questions Answered

A road sign that reads DUI / Driver´s license check point ahead that illustrates 5 common DUI questions answered.

If you’ve been arrested for DUI, or driving under the influence, chances are you have a lot of questions. You may wonder what happens next. How will this change your life financially, including how your car insurance price might increase.

An arrest for DUI won’t affect your life too much, except to make you question some of your choices after a night spent in jail and having to pay for the towing and storage of your vehicle. A DUI conviction is a different story.

Below we’ll examine 5 of the most commonly asked questions about DUI, so you can get the facts and make sure you’re informed about every step of the process. If you’ve been convicted of DUI, you’ll be looking for a way to get car insurance after a DUI.

1. What Happens After a DUI Arrest?

You’ll be going to jail for a while. It could be an overnight ordeal, but in most cases, you’ll be released either on your own personal recognizance (PR) bond or through a surety bond once you’ve sobered up. A PR bond means you are released without posting any money, while a surety bond requires some percentage of a bond amount to get out of jail. Both are basically a promise that you will appear in court.

Meanwhile, unless someone was present in your vehicle who was sober enough to drive your car home, your vehicle has been towed to an impound lot. You’ll need to pay for the towing and the storage in order to retrieve your vehicle.

2. How Do I Get My License Back After a DUI?

Typically, you can get your license back at the end of any license suspension or revocation you receive as punishment for driving while intoxicated. If you received a Notice of Summary Suspension from the officer at the time of your arrest, you may use this as a temporary license until your license is formally suspended after DUI court. If you are found not guilty in court, your driver license will be re-issued or returned to you.

3. How Do I Get a Restricted License After My DUI?

You may apply for a restricted license at any DMV field office. You’ll have to follow some court-ordered requirements before you can get a restricted license. A restricted license allows someone who has been convicted of DUI and lost his or her driving privileges to drive under certain conditions, such as to alcohol treatment or to work. Some of the requirements you may have to follow include:

4. How do I go about getting DUI car insurance?

Finding DUI insurance means finding an insurance company that is comfortable issuing high-risk car insurance policies. Whether you are ordered to file an SR-22 certificate or not, you’ll need to find cheap car insurance before you can drive. Some insurers will not sell car insurance to someone who has been convicted of DUI, since that driver is now looked upon as a high-risk driver. You’ll need to shop around and compare car insurance quotes to find affordable insurance that meets your state’s minimum liability auto insurance.

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5. Am I Going to Go to Jail For a Long Time After Being Convicted For DUI?

In most cases, the answer is no. If this is your first DUI conviction and nobody was seriously hurt or killed as a result of your driving under the influence, then you are most likely looking at a misdemeanor. However, your life is going to be impacted.

You’ll be explaining your actions to loved ones who are aghast that you’ve been so foolish and spent the night in jail. Some loved ones may not stick around. You’ll be spending a lot of money on car insurance for a while – typically three to five years. You’ll have a hefty bill from an attorney, as well as court costs, fines and fees. If you drive for a living – or even if you just have to use the company car every now and then – you might be looking for a new career.

Depending on where you live, your DUI conviction could be on your record for the rest of your life.

On the other hand, if someone was hurt or killed as a result of you driving under the influence, things will be different. This could escalate to a felony. You’ll be living with shame and guilt, not to mention legal and other expenses that could shadow you for years. You could lose your assets, such as your house. You could spend some time behind bars.

According to the CDC, 29 people die in a crash that involves an impaired driver every day. Don’t let this be you!

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