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4 Ways for Immigrants to get Cheap Auto Insurance

A young, Latino driver sitting on the driver's seat who illustrates ways for immigrants to get cheap auto-insurance.

With assembly bill 60 that passed in 2015, undocumented immigrants can apply for a driver’s license, but they’ll still need a minimum of cheap auto insurance to drive legally on California roads. Luckily for them, getting inexpensive coverage is possible, but challenges may arise. If you’re an undocumented immigrant, your driver’s license is extremely empowering, but you still don’t have a Social Security number, and some auto insurance agencies will use your SSN to verify certain personal information. Having a limited amount of information about your driving history can also become an obstacle, and even in the best cases, these factors work to raise your premiums and make it harder for you to find a decent plan.

Since AB60 did the hard part and finally allowed undocumented immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses, we can at least give a crash course on how to find the best insurance plan for you (even if you have limited documents). As you might have guessed, step one is…

1. Obtain your driver’s license

This is definitely the most important step, because without a license, most car insurance companies won’t give you the time of day. If you live in one of these states, you can legally apply for a driver’s license as long as you can prove your residence in your state and provide a few documents from your home country. It’s important to get your license because it’ll keep you out of trouble, it will open many doors for you, and you’ll be held to the same standards of safety as U.S. citizens, making the road safer for everyone. When you get your license, everybody wins, so go apply!

2. Know your options and compare them

No two plans are exactly alike, with each one offering different rates, premiums, and features. There are also a great deal of local insurance companies to consider in addition to the bigger, nationwide companies. There’s a whole world of insurance out there, and once you’ve figured out which policies you might be able to get, it’s time to line them all up and decide which one is best for you.

3. Find something affordable

Many undocumented immigrants are living in a low-income household, and while you may make enough to support your family, you may still be considered poor enough to qualify for low-cost auto insurance programs made specifically for low-income households. Take a look at California’s Low Cost Auto Insurance program and see if you meet the requirements to participate!

4. Consider what discounts may be available

Did you know that the color of your car and the grades your children make can have an impact on your car insurance rates? It’s true! There are plenty of discounts out there that apply to anything from good driving to customer loyalty to what kind of airbags you have in your car. Anything you think might make you a more trustworthy person could be taken into consideration and possibly even save you money.

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