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The Real Importance of Having Car Insurance

Car crash. Owners of cars (man and woman) argue about their car's damages and whether they have car insurance.

We all have regrets, and we all have moments where we suddenly realize we could’ve saved ourselves a substantial amount of trouble if we’d just had a bit more foresight. It’s impossible to predict the future, and sometimes random bad luck can put us in an inconvenient position, but some preparation can make a world of difference. John Schmoll, a contributor to, recently shared a story from his own life in hopes that it would help someone who may be in danger of learning the same lesson the hard way.

Car insurance is an important part of why American roads are as safe as they are. Accidents happen, and since affordable car insurance is widely available, when accidents do occur, those involved don’t have to deal with the financial impact alone – as Schmoll’s mother-in-law discovered after an accident.

Schmoll’s mother-in-law was insured, but only a few months after buying her car, she was rear-ended by an uninsured driver while merging onto a Southern California freeway after a long day’s work. The driver of the other car, presumably uninsured, took off immediately, and not long after that, the whole story repeated itself. Driving home from work, Schmoll’s mother-in-law was rear ended on the same freeway and, yet again, it was a hit-and-run.

Later, a third driver would hit her car again, in the same place, but at least this person stopped to exchange insurance information. Unfortunately, the insurance information provided by the other driver was fake. Luckily for Schmoll’s mother-in-law, her insurance took care of her expenses.
Car insurance not only protects you and your car from accidents on the road but, depending on what type of coverage you have, can protect you against many other factors. Some types of insurance protect your car entirely, even if it’s stolen or damaged outside of a traffic accident. Some even provide roadside assistance and can tow you free of charge. Many insurance policies can even cover the medical expenses of other parties involved in the accident and damage to non-moving objects. If you’re in an auto accident, you’re responsible for all damages caused, and without insurance as a safeguard, a single mistake could ruin you financially, which plays into why it’s mandatory across the country.

How do you feel about the mandatory nature of car insurance? How do you think uninsured drivers should be discovered and penalized? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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