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Defensive Driver Class Insurance Discount

Taking a defensive driver course will help you save money

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What is a Defensive Driver Class Car Insurance Discount?

A defensive driver class auto insurance discount is a decrease on your car insurance premium offered by insurance companies for drivers who take a course on defensive driving.

A defensive driving discount is one of the best ways to save money on your car insurance premium. It is easy to qualify for this discount. It should only take a few hours of your time.

How Much Will I Save with Defensive Driver Discount?

Exactly how much the discount is will vary from driver to driver and from carrier to carrier. However, drivers receiving this discount typically save anywhere between 5% to 10% on their car insurance.

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What is a Defensive Driver Class?

A defensive driver class is a course you can sign up to take – in person or online – that teaches you ways to drive more safely by using defensive driving techniques. Most insurance companies will offer a discount on car insurance premiums to drivers who take such a class. You can also get good driver discounts if your driving record remains blemish free for a period of time.

How Do You Get a Defensive Driving Discount?

Drivers typically qualify for a defensive driving discount by completing a defensive driving course. After completing such a course, you simply contact your insurance carrier and request a discount on your monthly premium.

Does Everyone Qualify for a Defensive Driving Discount?

Qualification for this discount depends on both your insurance company and where you live. Some states require that all drivers be eligible for a defensive driving discount. In other states, insurance carriers may determine who does and does not qualify.

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For example, some insurance carriers only offer this discount to certain groups. This usually includes drivers under the age of 25 and drivers over the age of 60. That is because, statistically speaking, these groups are most likely to get involved in a car accident. Because these groups pay correspondingly high prices on their insurance premiums, they also have the most to gain from the discount.

Additionally, some people may be required to take defensive driving courses. This is usually a consequence of one or more moving violations, or a conviction for DUI.

Why Are Some People Required to Take Defensive Driving Courses?

Depending on the state and the nature of the traffic violation, drivers may have to take defensive driving courses due to speeding tickets, moving violations, and suspended licenses. Drivers will likely have to take such a course if they are convicted of a DUI or DWI.

When someone is required to take a defensive driving course, they may no longer be eligible to receive the defensive driving discount. Even if they were eligible, their increased insurance would likely offset the discount. This is because once you reach the threshold of being required to take a defensive driving class, you’ve likely been identified as a high-risk driver and the insurance carrier is likely to raise the rates of anyone who seems to be a dangerous driver.

How Are Defensive Driving Courses Taught?

Defensive driving courses are usually taught in person as well as online. While each type of class may qualify you for the defensive driving discount, each one has its own pros and cons.

For example, in-person classes are likelier to offer hands-on experience, and you’ll have the benefit of a real instructor to answer any questions. At the same time, in-person classes tend to be more expensive than online ones, and having to take the class on a specific day and time may be more inconvenient to certain drivers.

By contrast, it is difficult to beat the convenience of taking an inexpensive online class. You won’t get any hands-on experience, though, and you won’t be able to pose any questions to your instructor. Regardless of whether you take the class in person or online, it is important to check with your insurance company ahead of time to make sure you will qualify for the discount.

What Do Defensive Driving Courses Cover?

Defensive driving courses primarily cover different strategies for helping you avoid getting into an accident. This includes scanning the road, observing a proper following distance, and eliminating distracted driving.

Additionally, defensive driving courses cover many of the basics of safe driving while providing important info about car accidents. For example, once you learn the times of day that you are likeliest to get into a car accident, you will know to drive more defensively during those times.

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Now you know what a defensive driving discount is and what it can do for you. But do you know where you can find cheap car insurance discounts and rates?

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