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Non-Owner Car Insurance

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What is Non-Owner Car Insurance?

Non-owner car insurance includes bodily injury and property damage in a liability insurance policy for drivers who typically use rental cars or borrow someone else’s car to get around. It is designed to give you financial protection if you cause an accident. This type of car insurance is generally for people who do not own a vehicle, but still intend to drive. These policies won’t pay for your injuries or the damage to the vehicle you are driving, but they will cover the other driver’s injuries and damages up to the policy limits. Non-owner car insurance is also helpful since if you get in a wreck in your friend’s car, it’s likely that it won’t affect their insurance rates. This type of car insurance is an optional car insurance coverage available to drivers.

How Much Do Non-Owner Car Insurance Quotes Cost?

Generally speaking, it’s cheaper than traditional car insurance, averaging between $200-$500 annually. This illustrates why shopping around and comparing car insurance quotes is a good idea.

There are many factors that are taken into consideration when an insurance company gives you a quote, including your driving history, your age and where you live to name a few. However, if you are seeking non-owner car insurance due to a state-ordered SR-22, it may cost you quite a bit.

Should I Get Non-Owner Insurance?

If you still plan to drive fairly often, but don’t have your own set of wheels, then yes. There are several circumstances why someone might consider purchasing non-owner car insurance. Insurance companies tend to frown on unexplained huge gaps in car insurance coverage. If and when you do purchase your own vehicle, your premium could be higher if you have one of these gaps in coverage on your record. This wouldn’t apply to people who have a good reason for an extended period of no car insurance, such as a military member who is deployed to another country. Other reasons for considering non-owner car insurance include:

  • If you frequently rent or borrow a vehicle, this type of car insurance will provide some protection against liability claims if you do get into a car accident while using a rental car or borrowing a friend’s car
  • To satisfy a state-ordered SR-22 Insurance requirement when you aren’t in possession of your own auto

Alternatively, you should not get a non-owner car insurance policy if you own a car or drive a car that belongs to someone in your household. If you own a car, your insurance should cover you when you rent or borrow a car. If you drive a car that belongs to a member of your household, make sure your name is on their policy as a driver so you are covered under their liability insurance policy.

Is Non-Owner Auto Insurance Really Necessary?

Non-owner auto insurance may save you money if you regularly use rental cars and don’t want to pay the rental company’s insurance protection every time. It is also a way to keep your hand in the game, so to speak. If you are vehicle-less for an extended period of time and you let all car insurance lapse in the interim, it may be a factor that could cost you money in higher premiums when you do decide to buy a car and get coverage.

Other circumstances where a non-owner car insurance policy might be a good idea include if you borrow other people’s cars on a regular basis. It will provide an added layer of protection on top of the owner’s liability insurance (if they have it) if you are involved in an accident. It may be your only protection if the car’s owners do not have insurance themselves.

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