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5 Tips to Work from Home During the Coronavirus

A laptop on a table that reads home office to illustrate how to work from home in the times of coronavirus.

COVID-19 is changing the way businesses adapt to new work dynamics. Fortunately, technology has made it possible to collaborate and work from home.

Whether you’ve had the opportunity to work from home before or not, you should prepare for doing it for an extended period. If you are self-isolating or social distancing, you will not have the advantage of freely engaging in outdoor activities. 

These are our recommendations to help you maintain a healthy relationship with your home office routine.

1. Setting Up the Appropriate “Home Office” Environment

Dedicating a physical space to your work activities instead of comfortably bringing your laptop to bed will help you focus on the activity at hand: Work. Aside from boosting your productivity and concentration, this physical boundary will also set a non-tangible barrier between your work and your home life. 

2. The Importance of Getting Dressed

While working in your pajamas might be tempting, sticking to a routine helps you set boundaries between your longe and your work life. Get up, shower, have your coffee, do whatever you usually do before getting to work.

women talking on the phone and working from home during coronavirus

3. Move Your Body

Standing up, stretching, and perhaps pacing around your house does a lot for your mental and physical health. Occasional breaks can help you both declutter your mind and attain a different point of view on a problem you might be trying to solve while you work from home.

During these breaks, you might be tempted to perform certain house chores, like washing the dishes. However, it is vital to prioritize your self-care to avoid feeling overwhelmed. 

4. Coping with Isolation

Communicate often with your colleagues. While chat, texts, and emails often offer a simple way to exchange messages, calling the people you work with can improve your communication. Video conferences or simple phone calls are faster and less likely to result in misinterpretation. This kind of contact can also help boost your team’s social morale by helping you stay in touch and provide nurturing feedback.

5. Keep the Kids Busy

Parents are going through difficult times now that many schools are closed. It’s important to invest quality time with your kids, as they may be dealing with difficult emotions resulting from the COVID-19 crisis. Designate a schedule that makes sense for them and you, and allows you to have lunch together.

Try to reward them with screen-time during the peak hours when you need to be particularly productive. Communicate with your boss and colleagues; they will most likely empathize with your situation and provide you with a certain flexibility while you work from home.

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