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Buying a Used Camper? 5 Things You Should Know

used camper parked by a lake

You want to hit the open road, so you’ve been thinking of buying a used camper. You may not know your way around the purchase if you’re new to the RV world. Check out five things you need to know before buying a used camper. 

1. What to Look for When Buying a Camper Trailer or RV 

When buying a used camper, you want to avoid a lemon. That means you need to thoroughly inspect the camper, making sure there aren’t any significant problems. Start at the roof and check for bubbles, cracks, and other issues. Then, make sure the awnings work and look for leaks in the corners of the camper. You should also check for RV mold on the floor and roof, and conduct a sniff test around water sources to see if there are any odors. If you notice any significant problems, check out other used campers instead of buying the one with issues.

2. Get the Service Records 

Reputable sellers will be happy to hand over the service records for the RV. You can look over them to see what’s been fixed and neglected. You can also see if the camper has any ongoing problems. For instance, has the AC been repaired annually for the last several years? That’s a huge red flag. 

Also, be sure the VIN on the service records matches the VIN on the RV. Sadly, some sellers create fake service records to trick buyers. This is rare, but it does happen, so you should make sure the VIN matches. 

3. Best Time of Year to Buy a Travel Trailer 

woman buying a used camper with a car license

If you want to get the best deal when buying a used camper, purchase it in the winter. People don’t travel as much in the winter, so the demand goes down, along with the prices. That means you can save a bundle.

4. Licensing Needs

You have probably asked, “Can I drive a motor home with a car license?” The answer is “yes” in most instances. You will need a Class B license if your used camper weighs more than 26,000 pounds or is longer than 40 feet. You’ll need a Class A license if you tow above 10,000 pounds in a travel trailer. Other than that, you can use your regular license.

5. Insurance Coverage

Before buying a used camper, you should also know that you will need insurance coverage for it. Consider adding optional insurance to your policy, such as vacation liability and roadside assistance, and get all the coverage you need to travel in your used RV.

Is Buying a Used Camper Worth It?

If you do your homework and buy wisely, a used camper is well worth it. Campers can last for a long time, so you could get years of enjoyment out of the purchase. Take the time to find a good deal and then make your purchase. Then, get your insurance coverage and hit the open road. 

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