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4 Reasons Why Pet Insurance Is Helpful

people waiting with their pets in vet office waiting room

Whether you’re single or the head of a household, health insurance is one of the most important factors in keeping your family healthy and financially stable. In fact, it’s one of the top benefits most employees look for when accepting a new job. 

Unfortunately, most companies do not provide a policy that covers all your family members. Sure, an insurer will provide you with options for an individual plan, one that covers you and your spouse, and a family plan. However, that family plan often leaves out one loving, caring, and devoted member — your pet. 

As a dog lover or cat person, you might want to consider finding an insurance company with a policy to cover your BFF (Best Fur Friend). Here are five reasons why pet insurance is helpful, starting with love. 

1. Your Pet Loves You Unconditionally 

If you’ve ever had a dog greet you with its tail wagging, tongue hanging, and wildly jumping on you when you come home from work at night, you know that your pup loves you unconditionally. What happens if that four-legged embodiment of pure joy falls ill or suffers a traumatic injury? The veterinarian may be able to help, but that medical care may also run up a bill of several thousand dollars. 

It’s one thing if your dog is already 14 years old, slowing down, and not expected to live much longer. It’s an entirely different scenario if your new puppy is sick or injured at just 5 years old or even younger. 

You want what’s best for your furry family member, regardless of age. When they have a lot of life to live and love to give, however, we can’t imagine denying them the medicine, procedure, or surgery that will get them back to good health. That’s when having the right pet insurance can be incredibly helpful in reciprocating the unconditional love your animal provides you every day and night. 

2. The Cost of Veterinary Care is Rising 

The annual costs of owning a cat or dog cannot be overlooked. Most people who have a pet can expect to pay hundreds of dollars for an initial exam and the necessary inoculations in their fur friend’s first year alone. Routine visits and follow-up shots thereafter can continue to add to the cost of maintaining your pet’s good health. Now for the bad news … these basic costs of veterinary care are rising. 

The increasing cost of healthcare for your domesticated animal is a good reason to get it insured and protected. Most plans will cooperate by covering at least a portion of that first well-being checkup, shots, and follow-up care, which can be of great assistance. 

3. There are Options for Different Coverage 

There are various options for coverage for your pet. For example, your perfectly healthy kitten may not need as much coverage as your 12-year-old golden retriever with a penchant for eating shoes, woodwork, and any food that drops from a kitchen table (some of which could be poisonous to a dog). 

Luckily, you can find options for pet insurance coverage with all levels of pricing from most providers. Shop around, make phone calls, and ask specific questions about what the best coverage might be for your situation. You can acquire a cheaper policy for less money or buy more extensive coverage for a higher cost.  

Finding the option that strikes the balance between peace of mind and cost helps take the weight off your shoulders and frees you up to enjoy your life with your pet. 

small dog at vet's office

4. A Pet Insurance Policy is as an Installment Plan 

Pet insurance can be useful when we think of them as installment plans for paying for costly procedures. Some complex surgeries, like repairing a cruciate ligament injury for a dog, can be several thousand dollars. Most people don’t have the money to pay for this all at once, but if your pet is insured, you will usually pay the deductible and get reimbursed for up to 90 percent of the cost of the repair, depending on your specific policy. 

Understandably, many folks find $50 per month for a good plan to be much more helpful than $10,000 all at once. 

Find an Affordable Pet Insurance Policy Online Today 

Now you know some of the reasons why affordable pet insurance is a good idea for your family’s furry member. Get a quick online quote for pet insurance, reach out to Freeway by phone at (800) 777-5620 or stop in one of our convenient locations today. 

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