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Do I Need Insurance for My Jetski or Personal Watercraft?

A young, Caucasian man riding a jetski and showcasing in which cases do I need insurance jetski personal watercraft.

Many people head to the water to get relief from the heat when the temperature rises. You can also purchase personal watercraft such as boats or jetskis to enjoy at the nearby lake and cool off. These machines are fun for the whole family, and your friends will probably want to join in on the action, too. After all, everyone loves fast fun on the water!

Do I Need Watercraft Insurance?

Boats and jetskis are fun water toys, but don’t let that deceive you. When it comes to owning these machines, you have more to worry about than just keeping the gas tank full. There are many things that you need to consider when you own a jetski, and watercraft insurance is one of them. You want to make sure that your friends and family are covered in case of an accident, injury or damage to the watercraft.

Boat Safety Tips

Buying a boat is an exciting purchase. You can picture your friends and family on your own vehicle that zooms across the water to a quiet fishing spot. However, you need to make sure that you have a few things on hand before you leave the dock for a safe trip.

One safety must-have is enough life vests for all passengers. In case of emergency, everyone on board should have a safe flotation device that they can easily grab. This also means that you should tell your passengers where the life vests are located on-board your vehicle before you leave shore.

In case of bad weather, have a flashlight, flares, oars, and basic tools on board your boat. You never know when a breakdown will happen, and you want to be prepared in case you need to get back to shore.

You should also avoid drinking alcohol while driving a boat. Alcohol affects your ability to judge speed, distance, and coordination. Boating while intoxicated can be just as deadly as drinking and driving. Don’t be fooled by the fun surroundings on the lake. If you operate a boat while intoxicated, you can face serious fines and jail time.

Boat and Watercraft Insurance Rates

Many people think their homeowners insurance will cover their boat or jetski. However, your watercraft may not actually be covered under homeowners insurance because it can change location. You’ll need special watercraft insurance to make sure you’re covered when an accident happens.

For example, what happens if your cousin flips over your jetski and suffers an injury? You will need to make sure you have insurance that will cover your cousin’s medical bills. If you don’t have insurance, he may be knocking at your door looking for money to cover his expenses.

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