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7 Reasons to Switch to a Different Car Insurance Company

A man signing an insurance policy form to purchase coverage with a new insurance company.

When you go through major changes in your life, it can indirectly affect you in ways you may not be aware of. Auto insurance companies support you in your time of need, but they leave the responsibility to you to be proactive in discovering discounts that may be available to you, based on life changes. They won’t tell you when it’s time to change your insurance policy, so here are a few things you may not know.

1. Your Credit Score. If you have increased or decreased your credit score significantly, compared to when you first got the car insurance quote, your insurer may change your premium based on your credit score – good credit is associated with being responsible and a responsible driver. If your insurer doesn’t lower your premium, shop around for an insurance company that will consider your good credit score.
2. No More Commuting to Work. If you recently lost a job either by getting laid off or being fired, you have the opportunity to lower your premium, since you won’t be commuting to work during this time. If you work at home, you can also talk to your insurer to get your premium adjusted for less mileage driven annually. Again, shop around for a good car insurance quote that considers low driving mileage in your premium.
3. New Home. When you purchase a home, you will need to buy homeowners insurance too. This is the time you should look for auto insurance and home insurance packages that give you multiple insured discounts. Most insurance companies will be able to combine the two for you for a rate much lower than if you bought them separately at two different insurance companies.
4. New Drivers Added. It is most definitely a great time to shop around for a new car insurance quote when your children get their license and you have to start sharing the car with them. New drivers do increase the premium significantly, so shopping around will help you get the best rate for this life-changing period.

On the other hand, there are times when you will need to shop around for a new insurance quote even if you aren’t going through significant life changes. Below are 3 things to keep in mind about your auto insurance premium and how to maintain an affordable premium to cover everything you need.

1. Premiums go up. Often times, a carrier will see that you are loyal and don’t shop around, so they take that opportunity to increase your premium. Let them know that you are shopping around and if you do get a better car insurance quote from somewhere else, see if your current insurer can match that quote or do better.
2. You’re with the company for three years. It’s a general rule of thumb to get an insurance quote every 3 years, as there may be changes that will give you a better rate. For instance, your credit score increased or your accident that happened 5 years ago won’t significantly raise your premium anymore.
3. Not getting what you paid for. When the time comes to collect an insurance claim and your insurer doesn’t give you what believe is good service, it is definitely time to look for a new company.

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