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New Year, New Car, New Insurance

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The new year is when many people decide to restart some aspect of their lives. It’s the time of year when it seems like everyone is saying, “new year, new me!” 

Many people buy a new car to get the year started right. Or perhaps they were good all year, and Santa brought them a car for Christmas. But now that the new year is here, these drivers need to protect that new car with the right car insurance.  

Of course, the world of automobile insurance can be very tricky to navigate. If you really want to protect your new car in the new year, keep reading to discover our top tips. 

Buying Car Insurance for Your New Car 

When you get a new car, it is mandatory that you get at least the minimal level of insurance coverage required by the state. It’s usually best, though, to get more than the minimum. 

The minimum coverage of auto insurance in many states is typically only liability. And liability only pays out to cover the damage you cause to other cars, other drivers, and others’ property. If you are at fault or the other driver doesn’t have enough of their own liability coverage, then you may not get the insurance money needed to repair or replace your car. 

The simple truth is that you don’t know what the new year will bring. So, it’s important to understand the different types of insurance coverage available for you and your family. 

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How Does Insurance Work When You Buy a New Car? 

So you’ve bought a new car, or maybe you’re about to complete the purchase. How does insurance actually work when you buy a new car? 

The car dealership will likely need proof that you are insured before letting you drive the vehicle off the lot. The good news is that you are probably already covered! 

That’s because car insurance is attached to the driver rather than the vehicle. Therefore, the policy on your old car will serve temporarily during the grace period offered by your insurance carrier. Soon, though, you will need to get an updated quote from your current carrier. Alternatively, you can start shopping around to get the best possible car insurance prices. 

Why You Should Drive Rather Than Fly in the New Year 

A new car is a great way to drive just about anywhere to ring in this new year. And it will come especially in handy during the holidays when you are traveling to visit various family and friends. 

Still, some travelers are convinced they are better off flying. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. 

First of all, driving will save you a lot of money. Even when gas prices aren’t great, fueling up a few times is far cheaper than paying for airline tickets (especially at the last minute). 

Second, driving makes it easy to bring as much luggage as you want. And all without paying extra per bag. 

Third, driving is much safer than flying if you want to minimize your chances of getting COVID-19. Why pile into a crowded airport for several hours when you can just hop into your car and go? 

Finally, driving rather than flying lets you take the scenic route. This can turn a simple trip into an adventure your family will never forget. 

Get the Best Auto Insurance Online Today! 

Now you know everything you need to know about new auto insurance for your new car. But do you know how to get the best possible insurance rates? 

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