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Tips and Tricks to Help You Baby-Proof Your Home, One Room at a Time

A toddler trying to open a kitchen cabinet illustrates Tips and Tricks to Help You Baby-Proof Your Home, One Room at a Time

The only thing almost as exciting as having a new baby is preparing for his or her arrival, from buying the outfits and the crib, to re-arranging your home to welcome your newest family member. Remember that proper planning for your child means knowing where and what to baby-proof. Every room in your home can present some kind of safety hazard for babies. Let’s go around the house and see the best ways you can make each area safe for your new baby:

This is one place that can be dangerous even without a baby involved.

•    Purchase a water thermometer so that you know exactly how warm the water in your tub is. In addition, set the water heater to go no higher than 120 F.
•    Change all your floor mats to non-slip ones. When you carry your baby, you need to be safe, too.
•    Put all medicines in high cabinets out of reach of children.

Baby’s Nursery
•    Make sure your baby’s crib adheres to safety standards. Don’t place any stuffed toys in the crib, as they can become suffocation hazards. In addition, hanging mobiles should not be within baby’s reach.
•    Invest in a cordless baby monitor, as cords can become a safety hazard.
•    Open boxes that won’t slam shut are optimal for tiny fingers.

•    Use stove knob covers to ensure that no little hands can twist the stove on.
•    Put any pet food away, out of baby’s reach.
•    Make sure you have a fire extinguisher, but not within the reach of babies or kids. A childproof cabinet installation is a good idea.
•    Lock any low cupboards and cabinets where you store cleaning liquids and other chemicals. Otherwise, put them safely up high, out of children’s reach.

Install safety gates both above and below the staircase. They should be fixed with locks for guaranteed safety.

Living Room
•    If your blinds have hanging cords, tie them up out of reach of children. Otherwise, exchange your curtains for cordless ones.
•    Trade in sharp-edged tables for round ones, or purchase corner bumpers in a hardware store. You can stick on the corner bumpers when your baby is old enough to start crawling and bumping into things.
•    Move any glass or breakable decorations out of the way. These include low-hanging wine racks that could become a safety hazard.
•    Make sure electric cords are well out of reach of children. Plug up electric sockets with a safety cover.
•    If your living room has a fireplace, install a safety gate.

Safety First
After you have done everything you can to ensure your children’s safety, the final and most important thing to be done is to secure health insurance for your children. Even if you’ve done everything you can to avoid accidents and prevent serious injury, it’s hard to predict when an emergency may take place.

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