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Can the Color of your Vehicle Impact your Insurance?

An arrangement of 20 toy cars in various colours next to each other.

This is an idea that has been widely circulated for a long time. Brighter-colored cars get pulled over more often and cost more to insure ― especially red ones. Is it true?

The Answer

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the color of your car does not affect your insurance. Not your rates, the kind of policy you need ― nothing. The price of your auto insurance is dependent on a lot of factors, but car color is not one of them.

Though there does not seem to be any hard numbers on this matter, when interviewed by the Tampa Bay Times, officials at the industry’s trade association and four insurance companies said they did not know of any companies that charge higher prices based on a car’s color.

In fact, vehicle color isn’t even a component of your car’s VIN code, which is a primary piece of information for insurers. A vehicle identification number (VIN) is the identifying code for a specific vehicle ― like the car’s fingerprint. A VIN can tell you where it was built, its trim level, warranty details, and more, but it cannot tell anyone the color.

Which Color Cars Get Pulled Over the Most?

You have probably heard that red cars are most likely to be followed by red and blue lights. The response to this myth is yes and no.

White cars are technically the most stopped vehicles, followed by red, grey, then silver. But some theorize that, since red is a much less common vehicle color than white while being the second most stopped color, red cars are stopped more frequently proportionally-speaking.

However, when groups have tried to prove this, no concrete conclusion has been made. One study showed white cars taking up 25% of the local population and were getting 19% of tickets, while red cars took 14% of the population and 16% of total traffic citations. Again, not enough definitive evidence to debunk this myth.

Where Did This Myth Come From?

It’s common to hear people say that red cars cost more to insure because they get pulled over for speeding more. The theory seems to come from the idea that red sports cars are fast, sexy, and dangerous, so they must be getting pulled over more and cost more to insure. Luckily for anyone who owns a red sports car, this is just a myth.

What Does Your Car Color Say?

Since we know what the color of your car doesn’t mean, let’s see what it does mean.

White cars say that you are modern, sleek, “can handle a million details” but are also dependable, hard-working, and diligent.

Black cars say you are classic, slick, enjoy the portrayal of sophistication and confidence, and are typically “defined and strong.”

Gray cars say you are relaxed, dignified, and mature but with “impeccable taste.”

Silver cars say you are modern and love technology. You are energetic, upbeat, tech-savvy, and forward-thinking.

Brown or beige cars say you are “down-to-earth” and “fiscally responsible.” Frivolous things don’t entice brown or beige lovers, who often prioritize comfort and reliability.

Blue cars say you are typically relaxed, put-together, and calm. If you prefer a lighter blue, you might be upbeat, friendly, and trustworthy. If you prefer darker shades, you may be confident and self-assured.

Red cars say you like to stand out from the pack. If you like this shade, you tend to be magnetic, energetic, and enjoy attention from others. People who are drawn to this car color are typically motivated and driven but sometimes restless or aggressive.

What Does Impact Your Insurance?

Much more important than the color of your car are the factors that do actually impact your insurance. These factors include, but are not limited to, your driving record, your age, the make and model of your vehicle, how you use it (for example, how frequently or how far you drive), where you live, and your credit score.

There are even some factors that are less obvious, like the crime rate in your area and where you park your car. Even things like your marital status and your level of education can affect your rates.

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