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Do I Need Renters Insurance?

A young couple moving boxes in a newly-rented apartment after purchasing renters insurance

Renters insurance is a great way to protect your belongings without breaking the bank. It’s an affordable option to protect yourself and your pocketbook in case the unexpected happens in or outside your rental.

Freeway will help you compare all the available options to make sure you get the perfect coverage for your needs at a low price.

What is Renters Insurance?

Rental insurance protects you during unfortunate events such as fire, theft, water damage, and other circumstances your landlord’s policy won’t cover. You can’t control what life throws at you, but you can make sure you’re prepared for it.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

A basic policy covers your personal belongings, like your laptop, camera, sofa, and jewelry. But it also covers a lot more than the stuff inside your apartment.

  1. Personal belongings outside your apartment. So if your bicycle is stolen, we’ve got you covered.
  2. Theft from anywhere. Let’s say someone breaks into your car,  we’ve got you covered.
  3. Accidents inside your apartment. If someone trips and breaks their leg inside your apartment, renter’s insurance can help pay the medical bills.
  4. Your own oversights. If you clog up the sink and flooded your bathroom, you’ll be forgiven and damages for you, and even your neighbors will be paid.
girl sitting in moving boxes with pencil and notebook renters insurance

Don’t Wait Any Longer to Get Renters Insurance

Can you imagine coming home after work one evening and finding your home flooded? It could happen to anyone at any time, and the out-of-pocket costs can get overwhelming. It’s really not worth the risk!

Get a free renters insurance quote online, give us a call, or stop by one of our local offices to talk to an insurance expert who will help you choose the right apartment insurance policy.

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