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Motorcycle Maintenance: What You Need to Know

motorcycle riding on the highway with proper maintance

You love riding your motorcycle, and you can’t imagine your life without it. Part of keeping your bike running is taking care of regular maintenance. That includes do-it-yourself and professional maintenance. Go over a motorcycle maintenance checklist so that you can keep your bike on the road. 

Change the Oil

When you create a preventative maintenance schedule, changing the oil should be at the top of your list. Your owner’s manual will say how often you need to change the oil, so follow that schedule. You can take it somewhere or change it yourself. If you want to change it yourself, warm up your motorcycle by riding it for five minutes. Then, park it and stand it upright. Remove the oil fill plug and drain plug to drain the oil. Take out the oil filter, install a new one, and put back all the parts. Then, add fresh oil. 

Check the Tires

man checking the tires on his motorcycle for maintance

Checking the tires should also be part of your preventative maintenance schedule. You should check the air pressure at least once a month. When you do that, take the time to inspect the tread, as well. If the tread is at the same level as the wear bars, you need new tires.

Replace the Air Filter

When you ask, “How do you maintain a motorcycle?” most people will tell you to replace the air filter. This is easy to do, although you might have to remove parts such as the gas tank to get to it. While it can be a difficult task, it’s well worth it. Replacing the air filter every six months is the key to protecting your engine. A clean air filter helps your bike reach optimal performance when you ride it. 

Don’t Forget the Fluids

Keep an eye on your bike’s fluids and top them off when needed. Also, if you haven’t driven your bike for a while, replace all the fluids. That way, you won’t have to worry about debris impeding your bike’s performance. 

Keep Your Bike Clean

man cleaning his motorcycle for maintance

Washing your bike should be a part of your motorcycle maintenance schedule. Dirt and debris can make it hard to see missing nuts and bolts. As you clean it, give it a once-over, looking for any issues. 

Get It Serviced by a Professional

Have you been asking, “How often should a motorcycle be serviced by a professional?” It’s a good idea to take it to a shop every 4,000 to 6,000 miles or once a year. The mechanic will check the tension on your chain, flush the cooling system, and more. Your mechanic will also look over the engine and transmission to make sure everything is working as it should. Catching problems early can save you a ton of money, so be sure to maintain this schedule. 

Take Care of Your Bike

Now that you know what should be done in bike servicing, you can keep your motorcycle road-ready at all times. Follow this motorcycle maintenance checklist so that you can get more out of your bike. 

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