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What to Do After a Tornado?

tornado aftermath fallen tree on car

Even if you are prepared, living through a tornado is a traumatic experience. It might feel like it has taken your power from you, but you can get some control by knowing what to do after a tornado. Learn what steps you should take in the aftermath of a tornado. 

Check for Injuries

First, you should check for injuries. If anyone is seriously injured, do not move that person. Call 911 and perform CPR if needed. Also, if the person is bleeding, apply pressure to the wound. 

You can treat minor cuts and scrapes at the scene. Clean the wounds and put antibiotic ointment on them. Bandage the wounds if necessary. 

Check for Emergency Weather Alerts

More bad weather might follow the tornado. Turn on your weather radio and listen for emergency weather updates. The broadcast will also provide you with instructions for you to follow. 

Clean Up Flammable Liquids

If the tornado caused flammable liquids, such as gasoline or bleach, to spill, clean them up. This is a fire hazard and could make the situation much worse. 

Be Smart During the Power Outage

You might lose power in the aftermath of a tornado. If so, only use your cellphone when necessary. You can let your loved ones know you are safe and call 911 if needed. Otherwise, conserve the battery. Also, do not use candles because they could be a fire hazard. Instead, use battery-powered lanterns. 

Report Downed Power Lines or Broken Gas Lines

Downed power lines and broken gas lines are relatively common in the aftermath of a tornado. If you notice any, report them to the local authorities immediately. Do not go near downed or broken utility lines. 

Exit Your Home If It Isn’t Safe

fallen tree on house tornado after effects

If you smell gas or your home appears to have structural damage, exit it as soon as possible. Take your weather radio with you, so you can continue to listen to weather alerts while you are outside. 

Document the Damage

There are many long-term effects of a tornado, including structural damage, the most common type. The degree of damage depends on the severity of a tornado. An F0 tornado can damage the chimney and push over trees with shallow roots, while an F5 can toss your entire home off its foundation. Because the damage might not be visible, do not reenter your home until emergency personnel tells you that it’s safe to do so. When it is safe, take photographs. You’ll need to turn the photos into your insurance company. 

Inspect the Utilities

You also need to inspect the utilities after a tornado. Look for damage to the electrical system and gas leaks. Also, make sure the water or sewer lines aren’t damaged. Do not try to fix these problems yourself. Instead, contact a professional if you notice any issues with your home’s utilities. 

Protect Yourself After a Tornado

Now that you’ve answered the question: “What are the effects after a tornado?” You may have realized just how serious this natural disaster can be. Follow these steps in the aftermath of a tornado. These steps will protect you and your property. 

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