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Livery Insurance

Illustration of a car in the road

Transporting people is an immense responsibility, and clients rely on livery drivers to get them to their destination in a safe manner. Even the best driver can get in an accident, though. This is why it’s important to protect not only your clients, but also your business and assets with a livery insurance policy. Livery insurance is a type of commercial auto insurance for businesses that generate revenue transporting people.

Types of Livery Insurance

The most common types of for-hire livery insurance are:

  • Taxi Insurance

    Taxis transport passengers to their chosen destinations via taxi cab. Taxis typically operate in large cities and at airports, and earn a fare depending on the length of the taxi ride. Traditional taxis typically do not offer pre-arranged transportation.
  • Black Car/Limousine Insurance

    Black car and limo services provide pre-arranged luxury transportation with specific pick up and drop off locations.
  • Rideshare Insurance

    People who use their vehicles to transport people for a Transportation Network Company (TNC) such as Uber or Lyft need special protection beyond basic auto insurance.

Livery Insurance Quote

As and independent insurance broker, we have partnerships with all the top insurance companies that want to compete for your business. We know the strengths of each and will match the specific needs of your livery business with the best carrier, compare rates, then present you with the best options. Request your free livery insurance quote online or by calling us.