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Taxi Insurance

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What is Taxi Insurance?

Taxi insurance, also referred to as for-hire livery insurance, is commercial auto insurance coverage for vehicles that are used by businesses that generate revenue from transporting people. It is designed to protect taxi drivers, their vehicles, and passengers. Because taxi driving carries a few extra risks in the eyes of insurers, it’s likely to cost more, so finding the right policy is crucial.

It’s important to have proper taxi cab insurance coverage that covers your vehicle against damage and theft, as well as personal injury to you and your customers. Freeway Insurance can help you obtain cheap taxi insurance with great coverage so you can have peace of mind knowing you and your business are protected.

Types of Taxi Insurance: Public Hire vs. Private Hire

There are two basic types of taxi insurance, they are public hire taxi insurance and private hire taxi insurance. Your coverage options and rates will vary based on which type you need.

  • Public Hire Taxi Insurance

    Unlike private hire taxis, public hire taxis don’t need to be pre-booked. Public hire taxis can be hailed by people on the street. For this reason, public hire taxis have different insurance requirements that private hire taxis.
  • Private Hire Taxi Insurance

    Private hire taxis are pre-booked and can’t be flagged down on the road. In addition, these vehicle do not display a “Taxi” sign.

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Taxi Insurance Requirements

Taxi insurance requirements vary based on the following factors:

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    City and state of operation – each state has their own taxi insurance requirements
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    Age and type of vehicle – older cars may not be covered
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    Driver’s age and driving history – drivers under the age of 25 may not be covered

Get a Taxi Insurance Quote

Freeway understands the importance of making sure you and your taxi business are protected. That’s why we work to find you the best tax insurance coverage at an affordable rate. Find out if taxi insurance is available in your state by requesting a taxi insurance quote online (simply enter your zip code at the top of the page) or by giving us a call.