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Hosting a Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe Event at Home in El Monte

A Hand drawn portrait of the Virgin Mary wearing a veil and praying.

The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is a yearly Catholic celebration dedicated to Saint Mary. While this celebration has been popular in Mexico, many Catholic Americans are beginning to adopt it into their family traditions as well. If you are planning to host a Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe event at your home with friends and family this December 12, it’s time to start planning. El Monte is a great place for events even in the winter, as the days are likely warm enough that you can open your home and yard to friends and family. Keeping your homeowners’ insurance up to date and maintaining safety precautions are both important. Homeowners’ insurance quotes online can help you protect your home and family, and you can rest assured that your guests will be both happy and safe as you host celebrations this season.

Reception and Meal Planning

Hosting friends and family for Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe festivities can make this holiday special. Ease some of the stress by planning ahead of time. If you would like to try making traditional dishes at home, there are plenty of menus and recipes to choose from. A main dish you may want to serve guests is mole poblano, or chicken in spiced sauce. A crowd pleaser for kids and dessert lovers will be bizcochitos, also known as Mexican Christmas cookies. Get started cooking early to avoid any mishaps in the kitchen. Designate others to oversee hosting on the day of the celebration so that you can keep an eye on meal prep.

Traditional Decor Ideas

If you love to craft, this is the perfect holiday to show off your skills. Paper roses and other decorations made from tissue paper are traditional to the holiday and will be beautiful in your home if you are hosting. Colorful flowers in traditional pink, red, blue, and green tones can provide a lovely backdrop for your family to pray and celebrate together. Be sure to incorporate a blessed image to honor traditions associated with Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Framed images, statues, or prayer cards can make the day more meaningful for all.

Crafts and Activities for Kids

If your children will be present or other families will have kids in tow, you’ll want to incorporate activities for them to celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Piñatas and coloring pages can keep kids busy during a larger event. Be sure kids are supervised, especially if outside and possibly near street traffic. Another great way to honor tradition is to teach your kids about the history of this celebration. This can be done in church, or you can take some time at home to teach your children about the holiday’s origins.

Keeping your family safe on this celebrated day is important, especially in Southern California where you may move your party outdoors even in the winter months. If you live in El Monte and will be having people over for Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe on December 12, be sure to review and update your homeowners’ insurance quotes online. Being with friends and family on religious holidays can be special, but making sure accidents will be covered is your responsibility. The average cost of homeowners’ insurance outweighs the cost of damages to your home or to loved ones that could occur at a family gathering.

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