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Get Home Smart Technology with Refreshed Logitech Harmony Remotes

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Wouldn’t it be great if, with one universal system, you could control a wide range of your home appliances? Imagine the convenience of being able to start each day with a Logitech Harmony remote control where many of those appliances would be at your fingertips with the simple touch of a button or two. Well, imagine no more…thanks to the Swiss company’s introduction of the new Harmony Living Home remote controls which give users the chance to do just that with the ease of one controller. Once you “harmonize” your home…all you’ll have to think about is making sure that your homeowners insurance is up to date.

As CNET correctly pointed out, while the new remote controls are mostly a slight refresh of the previous versions, it could be that the peripherals are finally receiving tech media coverage on a more widespread basis, after their recent launch. As an example, the Harmony Ultimate Home is now available in two classic colors, black and white. The device is priced at only $350, but comes with the same functions as the Harmony Ultimate.

Meanwhile, the Harmony Home Control, which follows up the Harmony Smart Control, is more or less the same unit, except for a few minor feature placement variations. The cost of this model has gone up a bit from $130 to an affordable $150. However, you may want to check with your home insurance agent to see if you can offset some of these expenses by switching to a partially or completely smart home.

Although it may have been a long time coming, it appears, despite some seemingly insignificant positive advancements, Logitech’s Harmony Living Home series is getting the recognition that’s not only been way overdue, but richly deserved. At the outset of the smart home technology, previous products specifically designed to “harmonize” in-home devices and applications had a reputation of not working very well together, if at all.

Overcoming those operational difficulties with the new upgrades was a top priority. The Harmony Ultimate Home and Harmony Home Control, now perform with the expected reliability first envisioned by allowing users to control standard and connected home appliances alike.

Still, it should also be pointed out that these Harmony products will only function as fully intended if your home is properly set up with a variety of connected products, including electronic locks as well as any amount of smart devices, such as smart HDTVs, garage door openers, among others.

So, prepare to join the crowd. “Harmonize” your home and simplify your life. Both Logitech remotes are debuting in North America in September. The Harmony Home Hub, which is the central peripheral, employing the different forms of connectivity to forward your commands via transmitter from the remote controls or from the Logitech Harmony mobile app directly to your designated appliances, is included with your purchase and shipped along with either of your Logitech remotes.

From this day forward, the next time you think of Harmony…you’ll think of Refreshed Logitech Harmony Remote Smart Technology for your home.

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