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No Dream Job After College? Health Insurance Ideas for Young Adults

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One area of adulthood that may be a concern for young adults is finding health insurance options right after college. While your adult child might be learning how to navigate adulthood, a little help from parents when it comes to different types of health insurance options can be a huge stress relief. Here are a few ideas for parents hoping to keep their post-grad insured while young adults are planning their next step into adulthood.

Keep Your Child on Your Insurance Plan

If your child is still under the age of 27, you can keep them on your current health insurance plan within the current rules and regulations of health care. This can include both job-based and private plans that parents might be covered under currently. If your child is still enrolled in your plan, this can continue this after college. If they were covered previously through their college or employer, this can be switched over to your plan with no penalties through the age of 26. Even if your child is out-of-town or out-of-state, this can still be a doable option. It is a good idea to double-check that there are providers within your network where your child will be residing first though.

Opt to Co-Pay for Insurance

If your child is over the age of 27 or they are living in a location that won’t let you cover them under your own plan, it might still be a good idea to insist that your child is covered on their own. If you can set this plan up and pay for this, your child will be safer in the long run. Even if you child is on their own insurance, you can possibly subsidize this cost or work out a schedule for your child to pay you back. If you can defer the costs of private insurance for your child, it will soften the blow when it comes to this new expense they will need to cover eventually.

Possible Travel Options

If your child will be traveling post-college, traditional insurance might not be the exact perfect fit for their needs. Looking into travel options from your current provider or other different types of health insurance that might be on offer is a good start. Depending on the countries your child will be visiting, they might be somewhere with universal healthcare or simple co-pays that are set up differently than the US. Your child might be able to at least secure catastrophic coverage while abroad and find a more permanent insurance solution for their needs when they return home.

Review all Options With Employers and Schools

Even if you child has a part time job or is partially enrolled in school, there might be partial payment option for health insurance, or limited plans on offer. While your child looks for their dream job or grad program, encourage them to find a solid job or program outside of their field of study in the interim. Recent grads might have more options than they think when it comes to special enrollment periods and rates as well.

Look into new quotes for health insurance with providers that can also cover auto, home, and other insurance plans you already have for bundling options. While young adults might need different types of health insurance than those who have preexisting conditions or are older, they still need some sort of coverage to stay safe. The costs and ramifications of not having insurance are too steep to ignore. Keep the lines of communication open with your child and ensure they are a covered either on their own or through a plan that you can cover.

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