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Tips to Drive Less to Stay Under Your Car Lease Mileage Limit

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When it comes to buying or leasing a new car, sometimes leasing is the better – and cheaper – option for certain consumers. However, to avoid hefty charges for going over your car lease mileage limit at the end of the contract, drivers must learn to drive less. The fee for each mile over the limit might seem insignificant, but it can easily add up over the course of two or three years.

Here are some tips to help you drive less and save hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars by staying within your car lease mileage limit.

Embrace public transit

  • Driving to work is probably the single activity that will add the most amount of miles to your car. If you live in a city with various public transit options, take advantage of it. Consider taking the bus, subway or light rail to work one day every week. If you’re feeling ambitious, take public transit for an entire week once a month. Regardless of how many days you choose, your mission to drive less will undoubtedly have a wallet- and environment-friendly impact.

Swap cars

  • Depending on your household arrangement, you can opt to occasionally swap cars with someone who doesn’t have a work commute – or someone whose commute is much shorter than yours. Trading cars with your spouse, sibling or other relative is one surefire way to drive less on certain days. But in order to cut back on your car lease mileage with this method, just be sure your car swapping partner is covered by your insurance policy.

Plan ahead

  • Without even realizing it, sometimes we tend to drive more due to poor planning. To drive less, think about all your errands and try to combine them to make cut down on car trips. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that a trip to the grocery store or dry cleaners is actually walking distance. Not only can walking or biking help you control your car lease mileage, but it can help you get or stay fit.

There’s nothing quite like driving off a dealership lot in a new set of wheels. But to prevent that smile on your face from becoming a frown when the contract is up, be mindful of your driving habits – if you drive less, you can avoid sky-high charges associated with going over your car lease mileage limit.

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