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Landlord Insurance Glossary

Illustration of a Landlord Insurance Glossary


Attractive Nuisance

An addition to your property that increases its value while also increasing your liability due to the possibility of others becoming injured by it. Examples include playground equipment, pools, fountains, and other recreational additions.

Building Codes Coverage

Additional landlord insurance that reimburses additional costs accrued for the replacement and repair of damaged property that needs to be upgraded to fulfill current building codes and adhere to local laws.

Dwelling Coverage

An insurance policy that protects landlords from financial costs related to structural damage of the property.

Fair Rental Income Protection

Insurance protection that allows the landlord to collect the rental amount of a property for a period of time if it requires repair and is uninhabitable due to a covered accident.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost

A clause in an insurance policy that guarantees covering the cost of rebuilding or replacing a property, even if the cost of the building materials exceeds the amount originally insured for.


A rental unit that is fit for people to live in and complies with local building/safety codes.

Landlord Liability Protection

Insurance coverage that pays medical bills or legal expenses if a tenant or visitor gets injured on your rental property and the landlord or property is held responsible.

Personal Property Insurance

Optional coverage in a landlord insurance policies that covers the replacement and repair of furniture, appliances, carpet, and other items the landlord provides in a furnished apartment, condo, etc.

Rental Property Under Construction

Additional landlord insurance coverage that applies to dwellings being built or renovated for future rentals.


The gradual caving in or sinking of an area of land, which can affect a property. Such subsidence damage includes cracks in the building’s foundation, building distortion, and cracks in the walls or ceiling.

Vandalism and Burglary Coverage

Additional insurance that covers the damage and theft of items within your rental.

Zoning Ordinances

Local laws that establish the building codes for properties created in a specified area.