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Mexican Car Insurance FAQ

What is Mexico Car Insurance?

Mexican auto insurance provides insurance coverage for tourists driving in the country of Mexico. This type of insurance was to protect U.S. drivers in the event of an accident because Mexican government does not recognize U.S. insurance policies as valid.

Can I Rent a Car In Mexico?

Renting a car in Mexico is relatively straightforward. You’ll find all of the major car rental companies within the country, as well as small locally-owned car rental companies. When you rent a car, make sure you obtain third-party car insurance. The Mexican car insurance that comes with your car rental is often not enough and Mexico does not recognize U.S.-based insurance.

Does a Mexico Auto Insurance Policy Cover Motorcycles?

Yes, our Mexico Auto Insurance covers all kinds of motor vehicles. This includes automobiles of all sizes, motorcycles, trailers, motorhomes, fifth wheels, truck campers, trailers, RVs, and even boats (including fishing boats and yachts).

Do I Need an International Driver’s License to Drive in Mexico?

If you’re coming from the United States, you do not need to purchase an international driver’s license for Mexico. Your state-issued driver’s license is sufficient. However, if you are traveling from another location and have a driver’s license that is not in English, you may be required to apply for an International Driver’s License for Mexico.

Can I Drive My Own Vehicle In Mexico?

U.S. citizens can drive their own vehicles within the immediate border area within Mexico, popularly known as the “Free Zone”. This free zone (sometimes called the “hassle-free zone” includes attractions like Baja California (Norte and Sur) and some of the state of Sonora.


If you plan to drive your vehicle further within the country, you need to apply for a “Temporary Import Permit” (TIP). This permit comes with a nominal fee of around $50. You will also need to give a deposit (usually a few hundred dollars) which will be returned to you when you exit Mexico.

A TIP permit is valid for 180 days. Extending your stay past 180 days or abandoning your vehicle in Mexico carries a costly penalty that can be as much as your vehicle’s value.

Anyone driving a vehicle from the United States into Mexico must be prepared to show proof of ownership or proof of permission to drive the vehicle (whether from a rental company or a friend or relative).

Are traffic laws in Mexico similar to those in the United States?

The traffic rules in the United States and Mexico are largely similar, but there are some exceptions. One commonly-cited difference is the use of turn signals. In some cases, drivers in Mexico will use turn signals not to indicate their intention to pass but to indicate that it is safe for the drivers around them to pass.

Yellow lights in Mexico are more strict than in the U.S. and require drivers to fully stop their vehicles when approaching. Traffic lights usually flash green before they turn yellow. It is usually not legal to turn right on a red light in Mexico.

911 is the emergency number in Mexico. Like the U.S., Mexican law prevents the operation of a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol.